Titans... rookie question about "decreasing" them

Real rookie over here. Yes, certified one.

I’ve red posts about strategies on attacking titans. I know that alliances get to fight stronger titans over time and victories… but, if an alliance grows thin as members leave the game or get inactive or the stronger ones migrate to another one… is there a way to “decrease” a titan level?

If 2-3-4… titans flee because we couldn’t defeat them, are the next one weaker (less *)? Or if the next one has the same number of *, does it have less life?

Edit for dumb question#2: Does the amount of life a titan has at the moment of fleeing affect the life (HP) of the next one? Or is the Titan HP set in stone according to * and some SG charts?

Thanks in advance!

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That has been our experience. We beat a couple five stars then lose one and we are battling fours again for a couple days.


Most of the time, it seems like it takes only one loss/escape to drop a titan lvl but I’ve seen exceptions.

AFAIK, titan progression/regression is just based on win/loss. How fast you kill it or how much life you leave on it when it escapes doesn’t seem to matter.

Staff has told us otherwise. If you start a new alliance (restating your titan back to 1*), quick kills will progress you up to your appropriate level faster.

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i see. So… the titan HP is invariable, no matter what, right? (ceteris paribus, same titan, same number of stars)

No, there are two or three variants of each titan. Definitely there are different HP; not sure about the other stats.

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Oh that’s good info to know. Did not know that. Thx

Real thanks 4 that.it would be nice to know those “variants”, but i think that’s the sort of things that remains untold to avoid gambling.

Thanks Kerri

I don’t know if this is still accurate, but this seemed to find up to 8 variations in each titan’s hp:

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