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I’m sure someone has already posted something about it but I’m tired of seeing how in my alliance I work hard to be among the first in the titans and then as partners of alliance left many positions below get in their spoils of titans materials that I look forward to it and that despite getting a “better” booty, they do not give them to me. It is assumed that there is a qualification and boots according to that classification but then it is never like that! They must correct that, many of us strive to be up for something.

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I understand the frustration of seeing lots of bad rewards, but the loot tier system is entirely based on probabilities. I guarantee you that a person with an A+ will get better loot on average that a person with an A, than with a B, than with a C. The problem is that only 1 person gets an A+ and 4 get A’s, whereas 25 people get lower grades. Therefore when everyone is showing off loot, it seems like people with lower grades did better because there are so many of them, and only the people with good loot tend to post.

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yes, there’s a bunch of threads on this but basically everyone has a small chance. even doubling of a small chance is still small

i.e. lets say A+ has 5% chance and C has 2*%. 15 ppl getting 2% chance is much greater aggregately of getting an item than your 5% chance. but you still individually had the best chance.

if only top hitters got the ascension items, it would be alliance chaos.


Ok, I understand, then the solution might be to change in favor of the A + booties or the odds a little more in their favor to encourage the attackers, few booties of this type are delivered by alliance, so if it were changed to put an example of 5% to 10% would not be a big injection of those boots in the game, I understand that they are objects that must be difficult to get

Over time a consistent A/A+ player will get more rewards than a consistent C player in the same alliance.

You just need a massive dataset to see it, but it’s there if you compare massively disparate loot tiers, and there’s nothing to disprove what SG has stated that drop rate scales with loot tier.

It’s just a really low percentage chance in general and the difference between say loot tier 6 and 7 is really too small to see with limited samples and anecdotal experience.

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