Titans respawning too fast

Is it normal for a Titan to respawn an hour and a half after I’ve defeated one.We getting stuck on 5*.Every time we move up to 6* it’s immediately after we’ve exhausted all banners on the previous Titan.I tried to find this topic elsewhere,to know avail.

Titans spawn each 23 hours. So it’s 1 hour earlier each day


I believe titans respawn 23 hours after the previous one spawned, which means the timer moves backwards 1 hour each day. If they’re respawning 1.5 hours after defeating the previous one, that means your alliance didn’t kill it until it was about to escape. Which is actually a good thing. It means your members rallied hard enough at the last minute to keep it from escaping. You should be proud.

Inevitably, almost every alliance has to occasionally let a titan or two escape, due to schedules and lack of flags, or getting a higher level titan that you’re not able to beat.

You have 22 hours to kill a Titan. One hour after that the next Titan spawns. If you take 12 hours to kill a Titan, the next one spawns 11 hours later. If you take 21 hours to kill a Titan, the next one spawns 2 hours later.

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Thanks for the explanation.I should have thought of that.ll.And,yeah.I have a Scrappy little alliance :wink:

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Me too. Scrappy little alliances are great fun when they work well together though. :smiley:

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