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Not sure if any1 have come along with this problem but here is my alliance glitch… We have created a new alliance (since we had dissagrements with our leader in the old alliance) , 20 players of the old alliance created a new alliance . At the begining i do understand that titans start from a star titan , however been days now and we still have 2* titans (200k HP ) which is like a mosquito for my heroes ( imagine what that is for 15-20 experienced players) . So basiclly we keep getting trash from titan and most of us cant attack the god damn titan , since it dies only by tickling it lol . We killed like 4-5 so far and 3 of them were 1star titans and 2 were 2* titans. Game need to have a better mechanism to throw out proper titans in this ocasions . Im hoping that some1 read my topic and come with a solution for all this. My titan hits are just sitting there since i dont have a titan to hit ( time it require to come alive is like over 20hrs after it dies ) . Any idea is welcome :slight_smile:

When we started a new alliance, we had fun with the baby titans.

We set max tp limits for everyone, and limited ourselves to 2 hits each until everyone had a chance. It inspired creativity in team building, and made it a fun challenge.

And eventually the titans grew in star level, and we moved on.

So I’d encourage you to just have fun with it while it lasts. Everyone in our alliance has said several times since that we sometimes miss those days of toying with the baby titans for fun.

I wrote about this once before, so I’m referencing it for the topic link:

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Limit everyone to rainbow teams only, tile damage only, no specials until last 12 hours. That should give everyone a chance.

Baby titans are designed for new players in new alliances

You guys could join an established alliance or merge with another alliance, or just simply wait it out and merc in your downtime like a lot of players have had to do when starting a fresh alliance

Well , making all participating is only a side of the medal… what we gain from killing it and time we wait for the next one is the real problem. Would be awsome if the gap between titans would be less since rewards on these tiny titans is crap…

Then you would have veteran players constantly starting new alliances and going on killing sprees to fill titan chests faster

If rewards were better, well same issue

Baby titans = made for new players

If they make them beneficial for veterans, there will be whole new list of problems

I understand it Rigs , just im saying that things have to be different and titans should come out based on alliance strength/power. Not needed (in our case at least) these tiny totans. We already know the triks and we are able to even defeat a 9-10* titan. I just see as no point having these low titan stars…

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There’s a thought

Perhaps correlate titans with war score somehow? Idk exactly how that would work, but could make for interesting convo

Perhaps letting war score dictate the floor for minimal titan difficulty but still have a 12* ceiling regardless?

Well , titans comes out based on alliance power/strength , just that when u create a new alliance , alliance strength isnt correct. We were 28players in our old alliance with teamstrength over 130k and when we created new alliance (20 players) team strength got reduced to 20-30k . This is in my opinion the real problem , since alliance power/strength when u create a new alliance with experienced players isnt correct and ot teally moves up very very slow ( not aire the way how pts are calculated) . My point in all this is to fix the way how alliance strength is calculated cuz in the way it is for aure isnt correct. Ive noticed it just now since is my first time that i create an alliance… reason why i created a thread/issue , wouldnt do it to profit in some way :slight_smile: , like the fair fashion

I don’t remember how quickly our titans escalated, but I think it was pretty fast.

I found this reference in a similar thread to this one that said the levels escalated faster after the first few:

We shifted alliance a few months back and the weak titans where irritating. We had a one flag rule until the timer hit 10hrs then a free for all. It took about 2weeks to get vaguely reasonable titans, but it felt like months :frowning:


Alliance score calculations are based on activity basically.

Cups+titan score

More active an alliance is, the higher these scores will be

The most accurate “strength” calculation is war score which is why i suggested correlating starting titan strength for an alliance based on war score. There would need to be stipulations involved to deter “titan dropping” or whatever but really lower titans hurt an alliance more than help it as far as veteran players and we can drop titans anytime we want anyhow

Thats why our alliance score slowly get increased (low titan ranks to be killed) and that is why i recommand that alliance strength be re-designed or integrated in a different way since the way it is , for sure new alliances like ours is totally dissadvantaged and it makes game a lil stressfull at this point. Not sure if my point is clear…

It is a problem that is solved with time. And getting your score up will take a while, but it will happen! We accepted it as part of the process of building up a new alliance and many remember that period fondly as a “bonding” experience, now that we are well past that point lol. Your alliance score doesn’t stop you playing and having fun. Patience, soon all this will be a memory :smile:

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Guess you arent vigilent to see my point in this thread… All this crap isnt necesary if an alliance is well balanced and there are experienced players in it , than why the heck is needed to fight against 1 star titans!!! I am not whining here , just asking that none go threw this nonsence… Always i might be wrong. Btw bond between my teammates has been there since long , so that bond thing u saying just do not stand :wink:

Everyone understands what you’re saying. They are pointing out to you that your alliance score is based on your cups and titan score. It seems you understand that too. You want your alliance score increases without doing then work Of killing the smaller titans. People are disagreeing with you but pointing out that your score will increase fast compared to a completely new and growing alliance.

I think you said you had 20 people. If you recruit, you’ll increase your cups and alliance score. Otherwise, keep killing those titans fast and watch your score go up. It’s one of the basic mechanics of the game.

I understand your point

Just dont know what else to say about it

I understand too because I have been there and done that. It is annoying and frustrating etc. But so long as you keep killing the rediculously weak titans you WILL get where you want to be. I was trying to help you stay possitve, that is all. Better titans will start to appear and your alliance score will start to increase, and since you are already a “bonded” group you will get through it unscathed.

BTW, staff has confirmed that the faster you kill a titan, the more likely you are to get a bigger one next.


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