Titans. Problem going from 9*-10*

I dont like how the game made 10* so tough compared to 9*. Our alliance have been killing 9* with 10-12 hrs left on the clock for some time now. But we could not kill a 10*. Are we the only ones having this problem? Cause our shift from 8*-9* was smooth. Not like this. That 10-12 hours without a titan to hit makes it less interesting. That’s the problem.

You could check if people are hitting the 10* as much as they did hit the 9* (same amount of flags, ca same item usage). There also could be a big difference based on the color - easy color 9* vs difficult color 10*.


As Silver Dragon said is everyone hitting the same, stacking colours, what item usage…but yes there is a jump in damage dealt by the Titans and some are more powerful than others as well.

Wait till you hit the jump between 11* to 12*…it’s a doozy.!

Also, you will find some are easier than others depending on your hero bench, for example the Ice Giant is my nemesis but I cheer when Yellow Hydra comes.


We are experiencing the same from 8 to 9.
8 is easy walk in the park, 9 we can sometimes just manage but most of the time not at all.
So we are guessing this is as intended.

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Yes we are all hitting it Silver. And we actually bring better items against those 10s. They just hit so hard that many couldnt last long enough to make a decent score. I personally average around 30k per hit to 9*s. But with the 10, maybe barely 20k. Considering it has higher health, it makes a big difference. And im tired of waiting 10-12 hours without a titan. Plus there’s this time difference between members. So some could only hit a few times before those 9s die. I just wish it was a smoother transition.

Dawnsky. If that’s the case, then that will add to the 10-12hrs waiting time. That would be really bad.
Btw we have experienced quiet a few 10s already coz as ive said, we kill those 9s in no time. But only managed to kill one 10* so far.

Hey harry. What bugs me is that we’ve mastered the 9* killing them in no time. So we have full flags going in against the 10 but still cant kill it. Our transition from 8-9 was a lot smoother than this.

10s are definetly tougher than 9, but it still sound strange that you kill the 9* with such ease, but struggle with 10* so much… You could keep monitoring amount of flags being used, on attack history, not by what people say after taking the titan.

You could also consider discussing heroes and attack strategy in your alliance. If there are people with paritally leveled heroes for example, those will be almost useless againts a 10* - dramatic decrease in certain people’s performance. Also some of you might want to change tactics and focus more on hitting the stunning point of the titan to keep the team alive longer, usage of defensive items (banners), def reduction heroes, etc - the stronger the titan compared to the team, the more important to have a plan for survival.

A decrease from 30k average to 20k sounds normal to me, it’s a tougher titan. That’s why people on the edge of being able to hit the 9* effeciently will drop in performance a lot on 10*.


It can be pretty tough

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Very sound advice @SilverDragonR. Thank you sir. You are right. Our bench heroes are mostly partially levelled so it can withstand the 9s, but does very poor on 10s.

10* is harder yes. It’s a two digit number and all :slight_smile:

We have this same issue. 9* titans fall easily but 10* are tough… one hell of a life bar they have. But i’ve noticed that it’s not actually titan who’s tough. The boards gets riddiculously bad when 10* titan appears. 9* titans let u have combos and good color but 10* makes the boards nightmare. My average hit against 9* is something between 20k-30k, but when fighting 10* it’s more like 5k-20k. Usually about 10k.

And this is all due to bad board that comes along

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Please, please! Make game esasier. Please. I,m crying! :smile:

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@Nordjevel i noticed that too about the boards. For my part, sometimes its caused by trying so hard to stun the titan instead of working that board to get some combos in. Those 10 hit so hard so either i stun them or i will not survive for long.

Lol @Wojtas071. I kinda like the challenge. I just dont like the waiting time for the next titan. :slight_smile:

A survival tip for high level titans, when not having big items is to use a green banner+axe when you can’t hit the soft spot and don’t forget to bring antidotes to cure status ailments if it fires, especially for blinding and DOT specials.

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Do you use wilbur on titans

No unfortunately I haven’t got him yet :cry:

Best survival tip for titans i can think of = Wilbur

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Agreed but I hear that for 12* the shared damage is not always an advantage :smile:
I hope to get him in next Atlantis summon though, he is the only S2 4* missing in my roster.

Paired with +63% defense is pretty solid :slight_smile:

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