Titans not resetting

When our alliance has reached our limit on titans, we will titan drop to reset our titan. We will all hit once and go for the lowest score. Usually, we will drop a star in doing so and were able to kill about 5 in a row before having to let another one escape. Here recently, this has not been working. We are killing every other one. After letting a titan escape with as much life as possible, we will still get the same star. POV is here and we can’t risk letting too many go like this. Has anyone else experienced this problem recently?

How many titans are you releasing in a row?

From the start, you could let every third titan escape and still complete PoV.


In my experience, it usually only takes 1-2 titan escapes to drop down a tier. Never seen a situation where 2 in a row escaped and the next one didn’t drop down a level.

But? If that did happen? I would let the 3rd one escape as well.

You don’t want to risk letting more go - I understand that. But if you kill the one at your level - your next one is probably guaranteed to be the same level, if not higher.

Sometimes you just have to let one go on purpose.

My alliance? We can string 8* titans, easy. We can kill a 9* titan on a good day, with full participation. But the problem with that is, if we go all out to kill a 9* titan? Our next titan is going to be at least another 9* titan (possibly even a 10* titan) :open_mouth:

No thank you!

You have to find a titan level that your alliance is comfortable with. One that doesn’t force you all to use flasks or anything crazy. Try to stay at that level. If you get a higher level titan that you guys aren’t able to regularly kill? Let it go! Because if you kill it, you know the next one is going to be just as bad, if not worse.

EDIT / additional explanation:

Let’s say your alliance is able to easily and comfortably kill 5* titans, but struggles a bit on 6* titans.

You get a 5* - KILL
Another 5* - KILL
Another 5* - KILL
Now you move up to a 6* -

Do you try to kill it, or let it go? PoV and all, you don’t want to let them all get away…

If you manage to kill the 6* - KILL
Next titan 6* - maybe kill?
Next titan… possibly another 6* - maybe kill?


You let the 6* go - ESCAPE
Drop down to 5* again - KILL

Breathe a sigh of relief. Back down to a comfortable level.

If you try to kill every single one, eventually you are going to get one that you can’t possibly kill. That’s just the reality.

Sadly, the same in wars and raids. You can’t win them all. You just can’t. The game does not allow it.


Well, this is not unusual at all.
Not sure how it works on smaller titans, but 11* for example have two HP levels, ~3,4 Mio. HP and ~3,9 Mio. HP.

If you fail, or skip, the higher 3,9mio. one, it usually drops one step back to the lower 3,4 mio. titan. If you skip on the first stage of a new titan level, the next one usually is one level lower. If you skip two, the step back is bigger.

But, this is what the experience in my alliance showed and, as the strength of the titan is affected by the total number of your allies and some other things, changes in your alliance will, of course, bring different results.


We aren’t letting many go. I just haven’t experienced not dropping much when we barely hit it.

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Thank you for your explanation. I really appreciate it. We are on 11/12* titans. Can comfortably chain 11*s.

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Thank you! We chain 11*s. Not comfortable with 12a yet. Would live to have 10s :slight_smile:

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That is why we usually settle on a 10* titan. Of course, we can kill 11-12* titans but with full participation as pointed out by @TWG, and maybe some flasks. But then again, I can’t impose the entire members to log in every 4 or 8 hours just for them to hit the titan as some, if not most, of my members just play casually, logging in the game for a few minutes to an hour each day. I mean, they have life outside this game. And I always believe real life matters and must be prioritized.

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Comfort level is the important thing. I know some players just think “kill kill kill! We must get better! Try harder!”

I think some people join alliances, or start alliances, with the mistaken belief that they are all going to grow 2x stronger every single day.

“Alright guys, today we took down our first 4* titan. Tomorrow we’re going to kill a 5*! Then the next day we’re going to kill a 6*! So on and so forth! By the end of the month, we will be killing 14* titans! Make sure you are all leveling up your teams daily! I will be tracking your hit scores! If they do not increase by at least 10% every day, I am kicking you out!”


Obvious fundamental misunderstanding of how the game works right there. You cannot expect every member of your alliance to make significant noticeable progress in a week.

If you find yourself facing titans where you’re constantly having to use flasks to kill them… you need to think long term. How many flasks do we have? How long can we keep doing this for? Should I start forcing my members to buy titan flasks?

My alliance… several members hold on to small stockpiles of flasks “in case of emergency”. The ideal situation is to not have to use any at all. But… stuff happens. Occasionally we have to burn a few. But if you find yourself reaching a point to where several members of your alliance are having to burn flasks on every single titan… it is probably time to just step away and let one go.

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