Titans loot

Keep in mind that luck is always changing in this game, you have to ride it like a wave. Sometimes the swell is great, other times you feel like you’re just dead in the water. In the last couple of months I’ve really taken my Titan scores to the next level and with my previous alliance I was always getting A and A+ ratings on 6-7* titans, and for some time it seemed I was getting an ascension material every time we defeated a titan. Recently I’m getting great scores on level 8-9 titans and getting nothing.
I also hadn’t seen something worth while from an elemental chest (besides the 50 gems) in what seemed like an eternity, until 2 weeks ago I got mystic rings and a tabard from a holy chest. I focus on all areas of the game as much as I can, and I find out it eventually pays off in the end (usually).

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Yeah, I’ve had a bit of luck this month; last month not so much.

I’ve learnt to just go with the flow :grinning:

On any given Titan, you’re much more likely than not to get no rare items. That’s true even on an A+ ona 12* Titan. It if you are consistently taking down titans, the odds will average out and you’ll have a reasonable flow of mats.

547k for an ex member? You kick them?

Nop just a friend helping us to kill the titan he had 15 titan flasks people are buying flasks but as you see the loot they are giving it’s not worth it… so better stop from now on spending for nothing :slight_smile:

How about this for a bit of RNG wizardry courtesy of @Annieb!


After 5 titans, 8 and 9* all i get is this trash…

Thanks alot EP :no_mouth:

I was consistently achieving A+ with high scores and each time I received junk loot… yesterday, I scored a B and guess what? I received an orb! What gives - should I aim for lower scores to get better loot results? Kinda defeats the purpose in the first place but tempting if the loot is better the lower my performance score is… just my thoughts here…


I started to get a+ some weeks ago in 7-9* and loot got better in avarage.

You can have luckstreaks or Bad streaks on either B or A+

I get it. Thanks! I was ecstatic receiving the orb though - it was the only mat I needed to final ascend Joon.

Todays Titan was just Lol


Got 4 rings from the event. 2 rings from this titan. Another red goes to max.


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