Titans loot

So we are buying flasks to kill the titans and the loot we are getting is this? Finally I can ascend a 5 stars hero after 4 months don’t know guys …

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Yer, that is weak loot.

I wouldn’t buy titan flasks, just fight your alliances natural level and work your way up.

If your alliance isn’t active enough to hit the level you want, shop around for a new one.


My alliance is very active we use flasks sometimes just for the extra.the flasks was not the point … the point is that all the players are putting time and effort to kill this titans and the results are this loot and I had a worst one from an 8 star. They just need to respect all players more.

Getting a rare mat doesn’t happen every Titan. That’s why they’re called rare. Titans provide a steady, slow, drip of items.

I notice that you’re at Tier VIII, which is just below the magic Tier IX loot. At Tier IX you get three ascension materials, up from two, and a big bump up in getting rare mats.

Not all titans give loot, but some are very generous:


I am not asking for a good loot every titan but I am showing you what the loot is for an alliance inside the top 5000 which the most players are… I am showing to you the forest and you are showing to me the mountain

You were with RNGesus in paradise this day.


Can you even buy titan energy? I thought those flasks were loot drops only :thinking:

Titan flasks are only available through occasional offers or loot.

I also have a C2P alt in an alliance further down the food chain. Sure, rare mats drop less often, but they DO drop. My alt has a bit of a fine glove shortage, but otherwise is having a harder time rustling up hero cards and feeders, rather than rare ascension items.

At least you got your loot…3 members of the alliance I am in didn’t even get any loot when we killed the titan today!

SG should consider a decent loot atleast for a A+ and A performing players

3 members… out of 30? Is a good deal in that case.

The A+ player gets loot from a tier +3 above the Titan level; the four A players get loot tier +2; the Bs get +1 and Cs get Titan-level loot. So while there is no guarantee that higher performance yields higher loot, you have better odds of good loot at higher tiers.

From my POV the basic Titan loot is one area that needs no change, aside from the rare Titan bonus loot.

3 out of 25 actually

Maybe im missing something, Titan Tier? :thinking:

SG gacha dollars so that’s all they care about. Don’t give them money and maybe eventually the behavior will change.

Or they’ll just shut it down and disappear

Please see this guide to understand how titan loot works:

Today’s Titan Loot:

My last Rare mat was a Hidden Blade on 8 Sept, Grade A, 7*

Congrats on the cape and blade. Keep nudging your alliance onward to take down bigger titans. Titan loot and Titan level are closely linked.

Thanks for that!

We’re able to take the 7s down quite easily now, just working on taking the 8s comfortably :grinning:

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