Titans - KILL or let escape?

How does your alliance deal with the tough decision of letting a strong titan escape or try to kill it?

We’ve used the message " fight for the first 12 hours, we may need to let it escape" but some of our players feel that discourages players from trying too hard.

On the other hand, if we let them battle hard and then need to call it off, they are upset that they’ve wasted battle items.

Many of the players want us to make an early call but it’s difficult with an international alliance and having half our players often unavailable at the start of a titan.

It seems we are often faced with a no-win decision.


My Alliance faces 7-9* titans. We use a rule of 50% health at 11hrs. If the titan still has more than half of its Hp with 11 hours left we let it go. Unless someone offers up a handful of flasks, then we’ll hit it hard.


My alliance kills 8 and 9 titans. Some of the tougher 9* escape. So more or less we need to give them 100.000 damage per hour.
But we have no rule set. Most of the time is easy to know when the titan will escape. If the previous has been killed in the last hours, and it is on weekend, the titan will escape almost sure. But otherwise we try to kill it until the last few hours.

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If titan is at greater than 50% health with X hours left, I calculate average score per flag used, try to figure out how many potential flags we’ll have left (as well as the probability of every member using them) before the titan escapes. If I believe it is likely we’ll be able to get the titan mostly killed (say below 15% HP) by around the 3 hour mark, we go for it, using flasks if necessary. If I believe it’s not physically possible to get the titan down to a reasonably killable level in a reasonable amount of time, I call a cease fire at around the 11 hour mark (that way every member should have 3 full flags by the time the next titan appears).

It’s not an exact science, depends on the titan and how many of us have hit yet, how well each player’s hits have done, how many flags might potentially be left (and how many might actually get used in the remaining time frame), whether or not somebody might be leveling up soon, also asking some of the higher scorers how many titan flasks they have available… mostly guesswork on my part, but we only have 11 members so it’s not too difficult for me to calculate how many flags are left, and easy to roughly calculate how well they might fare with 2-3 more if they’ve already hit 3 times by taking the average of their first 3 scores, then subtract a bit from that to account for potential bad boards and the possibility that they might not use every flag.

I’m making it sound more complicated than it is. I really mostly just guestimate, very roughly, based on who has already hit, how well they did so far and how many hours are left. I don’t bother going for ones that still have a ton of health left at the halfway point, especially if the hits logged so far haven’t been very good. That’s just a waste of flags and potentially flasks too.

Even with my limited math ability I’m able to figure out at the 12 hour mark if we are going to be able to kill it. The frustration comes from having our players expecting us to know in advance of that mark what we should do.

As everyone has stated, it’s really just a guessing game for the most part.


I actually wait until the 11 hour mark before officially calling a ceasefire, since there is a 1 hour gap between respawns; you can use every flag up to 11 hours remaining and have all 3 back by the time the next titan appears.


My clan kills 7* - 8* titans. We wait till there’s only 4 hrs left before announcing the cease fire to save a flag or two for next titan. But if a few of us have some spare titan flasks we try to kill it.

After 12 hrs we can usually tell what’s gonna happen. If a titan has more than 50% life, it will escape. If it has less than 50% it’s already dead.

There’s no way to know before the 12 hr mark. My advice would be to have your members use their own judgement before that. If they feel its too close, save items. If they’re right, they’ve avoided using battle items on an escaped Titan. If they’re wrong, they can use those battle items in the push later on.

Simplified version: hard call at the 12 hr mark, personal judgement before that


The whole 50% HP at 12 hour mark is a good basic standard, but what if half your team hasn’t logged on yet? Some of my members sleep at night and go to work in the morning and can’t hit until the afternoon. They’re not all nocturnal weirdos with nontraditional schedules like me. :grin: I have to take that into account before making an official call.

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In that situation, you may need to change your team. A set up like that limits half your team to 3 hits, which is not sustainable long-term if you want to hit bigger Titans. But my ways and drive aren’t for everyone

Lol, you’re right. Titans usually escape at night when everybody is sleeping :joy:

Changing my team is not an option. They are my friends and family. The day I stop playing with them is the day I stop playing E&P altogether.

I respect that. If everybody’s happy with where you’re at, no need to change anything. Sounds like you’re in a good spot:). I’m sorry if I upset you with my prior comment

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You have to track every titan. Record the following:

  1. Spawn time and what kind of titan (star level, color, rare or regular titan)
  2. Whether it was a pass or a kill
  3. Time to kill.
  4. Whether flasks were used.

You should make a policy to not use flasks at all until X hours are left on the titan clock. In my alliance that is at the 4 hour mark because we assume the titan will go down within the hour we start flasking and that leaves everyone one hour to recover a flag for the next titan.

You determine what kinds of times it take for your alliance to kill each type of titan. If certain colors / star levels often require flasks, that’s a sign that they are probably out of your reach.

When you notice a trend of which titans may be too hard to kill, you make the decision at spawn time to call a pass and thereby save resources. The flip side is that you will also occasionally need to see if your alliance has grown stronger and can start taking down the once out-of-reach titans. If you notice that certain types of titans become easier and die more quickly that could also be a sign that you’re ready to try taking down those bigger titans.


No, no, it didn’t upset me. On the contrary, I respect your dedication and all alliances should strive for that level. But not all can. People have real life obligations, and it’s hard to find a large group who all share the same goals and level of devotion. Not everyone in my alliance can be online all the time, but we’re well coordinated and communicate well together without any drama. We might have to let a titan escape here and there due to scheduling, but that’s okay. We’re all okay with that. :+1:

On the flip side of that, I know I can always count on them to come together and use every flag when I need them most.

I just have no interest in leaving my alliance under any circumstances. I could maybe consider merging with another small alliance if we shared the same philosophies, but not if it meant leaving any of my members behind. I’m not willing to abandon them on a whim for the promise of some shinier loot on supposed greener pastures.

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We usually make the call within the last few hours. Everyone always hits until then, unless it’s super obvious we’re not going to get it.

We usually battle 11/12* titans and the 12h rule is always a good indication. We set an automatic stop if the titan is a 12* rare (we’re not ready yet) or if we used titan’s flasks on the previous one. So let’s say we stop every 9 or 10 titans.

This seems really simple in my alliance. Flasks are for rare Titans only. We look at the time left / damage done and call a halt if we are not going to make it around the 12 hour mark so everyone will have flags for the next one. We get the 9 stars easily, most 10 now even if it is rare but 11 is a real struggle. Been a while since we missed one though. Still around Atlantis rising everyone gets more level ups.


Usually you should already know before the titan spawns, if you can kill it or not. Depends on the time since the last one died and when ir spawns. How many flags you will use in the first hour, and whch color it is. Already then you should decide, if you are going to use harpoons.
But the 12 hours mark is for sure the point of no return.

We also see until about half time if it is useful to go further or let Titan go.
First of all we calculate the possible normal damage and check if we can kill him by using only a few flask. If we think the titan is worth the try (e.g. rare ones), we keep fighting. For normal we nearly never took decision to flask him. The backound is quite simple. Some titans are harder to kill not only by stars but also by colour. As we all know even the titan loots are often rubbish so why use so rare materials like titan flasks on him? Next one might be even stronger and you have to discuss same question again but it is harder now to get him down…not worth the breath to talk about.

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