Titans issue - Re: Not scaling up?


I created an alliance just to fight titans by myself, but it is already the fifth 1* that i kill but no 2* has show up yet.
Is it intended? If you are alone you can’t go further than a 1*? Or i need to fulfill some requirements?

There is no information about it, so i kinda like to know if it’s worthless to continue.

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The 2* will show up eventually, just keep killing the 1*. :wink:


Thank you for your cheer, really appreciated.
But i want to know how titans star spawn works.

Usually you have to take down 2 or 3 Titans to get the upgrade, so i don’t really explain why 5 or more this time…


Well that’s the thing, there are so many variables:

  • number of players
  • how hard they hit
  • how fast they kill the Titan
  • how many similar Titans have been killed

Honestly, I don’t have the formula, nor have I seen one, I just know that sheer bloody mindedness eventually wins and hey presto! A new Titan! :grin:


Coppersky compendium says that the time you take to kill it doesn’t matter (and i think this too, bacause i kill it like 5 mins after he pop up) but not mention anything about the rest, especially nothing on the ‘number of player’ part.
Well, i hope you’re right and i only have to be patient.

Thanks anyway, i’ll update this if something change.
It would be nice if someone make this thing more clear.


I have an issue with the titan of today too :thinking:
Actually we win wit my crew BUT we still see that it’s possible to fight him … (obviously its lock we cant) and we didn’t win anything yet. Do you know what kind of bug it is ?


It may just be entirely random.

There have been some suggesting it is based on titan score but I find this flatly unbelievable given how quickly some alliances progress and there’s no way to accelerate that.

Also alliance score appears to matter not at all either, see Extra Spicy Nuts.

As near as I can tell there’s some percentage to move up, move down, or stay the same (actually you can move up two on wins, or down two on losses) but when you’re on 1*'s the move down selection is pushed off the table. How this is affected by prior wins / losses I don’t know if any, and it’d be nearly impossible to correlate unfortunately without an amazing amount of data which we will never, ever get.

Also I would have to go back and look but I know we’ve gotten 4-5 9’s in a row before, so 5 1’s isn’t out of the realm of possibility.


Rev is right. I’m just throwing out those things previously suggested to me, yet NO one has ever had a definitive proven formula…hence my comment: keep fighting. :wink:


There is no set amount of kills that lead to a upgrade. The kills you have done set a baseline for next titan and then there is a random component added to it. So sometimes you get the same titan, sometimes a higher, and sometimes you can even go back to lower * titan, even if you killed the previous in time.

That is what I heard from the devs when wondering why we got a 7* after killing two 8* in time and expected a 9*.


Aaaaand he pop up today, of course when i was sleeping and lost like 5 hours.

So basically, it is random like summons, ascension items, titan loots and everything else.
Wow, this game is really unpredictable.

Thank you all, i was silly jumping to conclusions way to early.


The more you kill a certain level titan, the bigger the chance for the same or better titan gets.

If every time you killed the next one would be higher you would be in trouble real fast. It is actually preferred that when you first time kill a X* titan, the next one is X-1. Because you probably stretched to get it and want to get an easier afterwards as you will probably be quite energy depleted


No, ok, i do understand the mechanism to not scale up right away because you eventually can’t keep up with the rate.
Just assuming that it was strange that a merely 1* keeping return all this time.

But now that you guys have mentioned, i do remember sometimes instead of upgrading right after a kill, the titan after was a level down.

Probably i was too focused on my goal.


I created an alliance recently called: Stargazers.

We just had our 4th 1* titan in a row. We have had to wait 22 hours between titans as well. I am getting really frustrated with having so many 1* titans. How can we get to at last 2* titans? Our alliance has strong players, I feel the game should recognize that by now and adjust accordingly. I am going to lose all my alliance mates if I get a 5th 1* titan :confused:


That is a problem with new alliances that get strong players. They need to go through the process of low titans. We have same problem with our 2nd sister alliance, Seven Days Emerging.

Maybe devs should factor in killing speed to the process. I wrote them feedback on this, hope the do something at some point.