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So this is a just my general overview of the game the last few months.
So over the last 4months the titans health has increase and secondary damage have gotten harder some titans have increased 300k in health, on top of that rare titan and level 14* titan has been added, which isn’t the issue. My issue is that to compensate for the harder titans some hero’s have gotten way too strong. Heros like allasie and others, stacked with Wu Kong and Boldtusk has a hit percentage of 600-650% and at tier2 can knock out a full 4*/5* hero the flow on effect of increasing heros attack making raiding/war somewhat harder, not only do you have to deal with arrows but super strength heros. So instead of making hero’s stronger wouldn’t giving player 4flags alliance every 12hr more easier and more benificial allowing alliances to rely less on mercs, the more they can hit the less they need to search. This will also prevent future glitches with frequently adjustling/updating hero strength, I think there has been 15hero updated since February. A few times during updates in raids I have faced ghost hero blacked out they didn’t receive damage but they inflicted damage and could only be killed when they were the last hero left.

In short. Add 4 flags instead of 3 to compensate for titan health and less hero adjustments to prevent future glitches.

No one needs to “rely” on Mercs. If you are not strong enough to kill off a Titan, rest and wait for the next one (if you call rest at the halfway point, you’ll start the new Titan with full flags.)

(Titans have been getting slightly stronger since I first started tracking their HP at v1.5. I don’t think the creep will ever stop, so additional flags wouldn’t ultimately fix that.)

Some other info:

Alliance Energy Query

Just wanted to point out flags used to take six hours not four to refill, so we do have it better. :wink:

Reduce time it takes for alliance energy renewal

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Thanks took for the reply. I’ve been playing since november 2017 and have only known it as every 4 hrs. And out of 209 titans my alliances has only relied on mercs for 3 occasion. Only posting due to glitches with re adjusting heros… and only mentioned mercs coz i have heard the they want to phase out mercenaries.
Been playing 6.5months @level 42 now, i average 28k/hit no other complaints lol. I think i was the only on who posted about wanting to see a global alliance rank banner, and that was implemented a month ago. All in all Great game.

If we get more titan hits without other changes, items shortage may become dire. It is hard to keep supply of necessary potions as is, increasing number of titan hits would cause more strain there…

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Yeah, Titan fatigue was the reason of the change beforefrom six hours to four, I believe. I’m glad they made it.

As for Mercs, @SenseiChan I love the old guard Mercs and think they get a bum rap. They are part of the rich fabric of the game, and I’m glad to know them!


I agree they do get a bad wrap. In the 7months I’ve played I’ve only merc’ 4x on all 4 occasion I hit 2x and run didn’t have time to collect loot had to get back to my alliance. Yes merc do a really good job helping alliance out in clutch moments whether it’s due to not having enough members, absent members or just saving flags for the next titan. Like I said before only had to rely on them 3x out of 126 titans. I dont know why theyre being fazed out. Maybe they interfere with war calculations to much I can understand the loot calculation. 8flags over 4 titans is alot of loot they recan receive.

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I’d like to see some punishment for leaving alliance. Like having a cool down time where you can’t join another, or lack of ability of hitting Titan, the same way you can’t join an undergoing war. Or having mercenary as a playing option, so your alliance would become “Mercenary” and you could hop on alliances and get proportional loot. Anything so I won’t be looked down for not wanting to “help” someone kill a Titan.

You do you get locked out of titan chest for 12hrs. The more titans you hit in a day the less loot value you receive. They have been cracking down on mercenary, there is many deterrents, but it won’t stop you helping an alliance if they need help… just saying that I have never collected loot when I merc. Coz I dont stay long enough but Strong enough to score 60k+ from 2 hits.

I would love a Badge in-game that said Merc. To earn it, you’d have to be able to kill x% or x-K of a Titan in one shot (to prevent someone from identifying as this cool class before they had the skills to actually do the job.) :wink:

Okay, I’m dreaming again…

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As far as I can tell, mercs were slowed as they were too efficient. Too many titans died and too much loot was dropped.

Look at your own experience as an alliance member fighting a 7* titan. What is the difference in loot received in total when comparing defeated vs escaped? This is the same reason loot is being nerfed at every source.

It may be the reason season two has not arrived as the players have far surpassed the strength the devs planned as adequate to progress evenly through the map. Think of it as farming 8-7 with an all HoTM team instead of a 3* team.

Worse for the devs in that nerfing the diamond chests and 11*+ titans will annoy top p2w players who will need two days to max the next 5*.

Sorry, became rant…coffee

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