Titans have different stat levels and power within a given star level!

I posted this in another thread, but wanted to make its own topic so more people would see it.

One thing to remember vs titans is that within each star there are 6-8 different levels of titan within each star level : ie. not all 10 star yellow hydras are the same, there are 8 versions of them. They have a wide range of power levels even at the same star level.

Back when i used to track that stuff i was averaging a good 8-10k per hit lower on the highest 10* titan vs the lowest 10* titan. So if your alliance beats a titan and you get the same star titan next, you’re probably getting a higher powered version. if you’re streaking on 12s and hitting the titan ceiling, you probably did much better vs the first few 12s (lower powered 12s) vs the max power 12s if you alliance beats every 12.

Here’s the data I had before I stopped tracking/caring and moved into DGAF mode.

Ten Nine Eight Seven Six Five Four Three Two One
3,234,000 2,706,000 2,244,000 1,804,000 1,430,000 1,100,000 792,000 550,000
3,168,000 2,662,000 2,200,000 1,782,000 1,386,000 1,056,000 770,000 528,000 176,000
3,124,000 2,618,000 2,156,000 1,738,000 1,364,000 1,034,000 748,000 484,000 330,000 154,000
3,058,000 2,574,000 2,112,000 1,694,000 1,320,000 990,000 726,000 462,000 308,000 132,000
3,014,000 2,508,000 2,068,000 1,650,000 1,298,000 968,000 682,000 440,000 286,000 110,000
2,970,000 2,464,000 2,024,000 1,606,000 1,254,000 946,000 660,000 396,000 264,000 88,000
2,904,000 2,422,000 1,980,000 1,584,000 1,232,000 902,000 638,000 242,000
2,860,000 2,376,000 1,936,000 1,540,000 1,188,000 880,000 616,000 220,000

top row is star level of titan and going down are the hp values you could get. There may be values in the 1-3 star not shown, but we didn’t see any of that in the starter alliances we had pulling data, though we didn’t really track too much as you move past those quickly. I don’t specifically know the difference in attack and defense, but they’re definitely there - i.e. hits vs the 3.2 million were harder to come by vs the 2.8 and same for them attacking us. Revelate did some preliminary validation…

This was also before the new titans were added (i.e. purple spider monster, etc), before 11-14 star titans, and before rare titans.

Just wanted people to see this as when you hit the same star-level titan for 3-4 titans, the titans will get stronger because you’re getting one of the more powerful versions of that star-level titan.


Thanks. Nice table.
Rare titans are thouger, for a quick calculation you can add +1 star to their number. For example:

6* rare = 7* common

But of course I have no data validation of this yet.

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I’m reviving this thread to see if anyone can continue it for 11 and 12 star titans.