🏹 Titans & Harpoons Management Calculator by Boolz > Enjoy!


Made a quick xls for calculating harpoons needed and how to manage them
and I wanna give back a small part of what I’ve “borrowed” from all of you. :heart:

Link can be found in my guide 📌 Boolz Guide - OneClick > QuickInfo >>> see picture

Enjoy! :slight_smile:


p.s. any questions or advices are welcomed!

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Pretty fast you are ! This can be pretty useful in future when everyone got the necessary buildings and items crafted .



well, learned some xls new stuff while doing it and it would be a shame to dont take advantage of it “while it’s fresh”. :wink:

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Great Job, thank you! So, a 9* needs 13 Harpoon hits to drop parts and 33 for only 2 more? This will be a hard job to get some parts! :thinking: Do you think it will be displyed how many harpoon hits the titan already has?
Once again, well done! :hugs::+1:

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Ah, sorry, forgot: does every member in the alliance get the same amount of parts?

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If you have harpoon researched you can see the harpoon bar even if titan was not hit.
If you dont have harpoon researched you can see theharpoon bar only after the titan was hit.

I may be mistaken, but from what I saw A gets 1 more and A+ 2 more than the rest B and C who get equal number. D? i dont know.

Thank you, this helped me.:+1: Now its hard to wait until the stronghold ist leveld up. :grin::grin:

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keep in mind that, after stronghold you will need besides hunters lodge, advanced food storage 1 so you can have space to research harpoon.

No, it appears to be based on Loot Tier.

Tracking for that has started here: Titan Parts Loot Tier Drops

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we need to do the empiric way to be sure :slight_smile:

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Ok, as soon as we have 13 harpoons. :grin::+1:


Thanks man, this is awesome !


I have a question!
If the harpoon is used without the titan being stunned it counts for the harpoon count to get titan parts right?
You just dont get de debufs from titan am i right? Because im figuring many of my aliance members using harpoons when the titan is not stunned… thanks


harpoon just needs to be used (how? when? doesnt matter)

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Thanks!! one less concern trying to explain the mechanics of harpoons :joy::joy::joy:

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The only difference in using when it’s stunned, is it increases from -20% attack, to -25% attack and -30% defense for the next six turns.


Looks nice!

Possibly addition: maxing your base requires tons of iron. Iron ussage to craft harpoons would be handy to manage long term base development.


i suppose you clarified yourself?

True! Thx @LadyAnesthesia



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