Titans Grasp - great for mid-level active players

Titans Grasp
Defeating all 7* Titans and at least the first 8* titan

Friendly and helpful alliance. Using Discord for eternal
chat. Growing pretty quickly. Just a couple of month ago we were hitting 5-6* Titans.

Inactive members or members not attacking the Titan are let go. War can be optional, we prefer participation. But if you can’t get all your hits in you should opt out.

update: currently 2 spots open

Another spot just opened.

Alliance just keeps getting stronger. Defeated last seven, 7* titans. Great mid-level alliance. One spot open. Could free up another if needed.

Spot open. Alliance continues to strengthen. We are facing all 7* titans now, failing only when we get to 8* titans

Still one spot available. Great alliance to join if you have out-grown the current one you are in. If it had become too inactive.

Alliance getting stronger. One spot open. Great group of dedicated players. We has at least a dozen Valentine’s day donations

Still one spot open. Clearing all 7* titans

Another spot opened. Now defeating the first 8* titan

Still one spot open. Looks like we are going to get two 8* titans in a row this time

Still one spot open. War chest just opened. Great time to join and get in on the new one. Defeating at least one 8* titan everytime, last time we got 2. Alliance is improving every week.

Shows you have 1800 cups req. Accurate?

Correct, currently set at 1800. We’d like new recruits to be able to assist immediately. If that is slightly high for someone, we can review on a case by case basis

Still looking for one more player. Have you outgrown your alliance? Has your alliance become too inactive. Come to Titans grasp!

2 spots open! Great alliance, getting better every week. Beating 7 and 8* titans

Still 2 spots open. Alliance improving nicely in wars as well as titans.

1 spot open, if you have what it takes to be in a top 1k alliance come check us out!

You can find us on discord and Facebook https://discord.gg/EsNnv7

Get it while it’s still hot. One spot filled today, only one left. Be in time for next titan and WAR!!! Have and Armored Hydra for breakfast and wash it down with 2 pints of Dragon Rooster smoothies.

If you play daily and participate in wars and titan hunts, want to stay informed or just chat and share with team mates this is a top 1k alliance for you. We have 2 spots open so you can bring a friend :grin: 2000 cups is our current entry lvl but we are flexible, come check us out!
Discord https://discord.gg/8gzgzw

We are a friendly group. We expect to be defeating ten star titans despite some recent departures. Looking forward to some new blood to add to a great core group

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