Titan's Grasp - Great alliance for mid to late game players

Not unusual for coolhand to be highest in titan, but normally the top guys are close to each other

2 spots open. Join the fun!

1 spot left. Coolhand showing a 9* titan no respect atm!

Hey guys,

Have one spot open.

My name’s Womp Womp in game. This Alliance is really more than just a place to battle Titans and clash in War. It’s a fun home with a lively chat, joking around, etc.

Hope you stop by and check us out. We could definitely use the help on 9 and 10* Titans!

Just opened up anpther spot so bumping the post. Player base is getting super strong. Most players have good depth for war. Conversations running throughout the day. Come join the fun!

Still 2 spots open. Join now before matchmaking starts for a shot at full war chest

2 spots currrently open. Alliance is steaming along! Last war was >4k point with only 7 unused flags. 6 unused flags the war before that.

3 spots open. Core players get stronger each month. 9* titans aren’t putting up too much of a fight now. Still haven’t cracked a 10*. War output gets better every time as the core is deepening their bench. Plenty of conversations daily in chat. Not one bad attitude in the alliance. Come join the fun!

This is by far the most productive alliance that I’ve ever been a part of.
Our Discord server is full of tips and helpful resources for getting the most out of the game.
We’ve gotten really good at killing 9* titans.
Hope you can join us to push for some sweet 10* loot!

This alliance is great! Good group of people here, only looking for a few more members! Come join us if your active and like to win!

Just spanked our first 10*, and a rare at that. Come join, 3 spots open!

Killed our second 10* titan, come check us out.

3 spots open, come check us out!

4 spots open now, we are at 22/25 on our war chest, so great time to get on board and get 100% participation on the new chest.

We have taken down another 9* rare with only 26 members.

0 unused war flags again on our latest war victory with a score of 4524.

Very friendly and active group, who enjoy smashing titans / war.

Only requirements:

  • Get your titan hits in
  • Get your war hits in (if you are opted into war, optional)
  • We run purple tank in war

Come check us out

Bump. Read above. It says it all.

Come join the fun. Alliance really getting super tough. Got 2 resets last war. Getting first level of harpoon everytime. Very active bunch. Constantly have pages of chat to read after not logging in for a few hours.

@DoctorStrange - saw your post about having a hard time with some players participating and communication.
Why not come join here, room to bring a mate or two if you like as well. (4 spots open currently).

Most info is above, but very active and friendly group, taking down similar level of titans to you, majority of 9’s, occasional 10, all 8’s with 26 players.

We are regularly getting 0 unused war flags and we monitor participation levels to ensure we are all getting what we want out of it.

At 22/25 on war chest with new war about to start, perfect time to make the switch :slight_smile:

Unhappy with your alliance participation in titans and war? wanting more chat in game? Have you advanced past the rest of your alliance? Come give us a try.

Harpooning to first level everytime. Guessing we are a few weeks away from going for two levels of harpoon .

Communication in the alliance is very good. Strong set of co-leads that make excellent early calls when to let the titan go and very early to let folks know to not harpoon(they aren’t cheap :slight_smile:)

You got to know when to hold em, know when to throw them.
Know when to use your flags, know when to stop
You never count your harpoons, when your matching up the tiles…
They’ll be time enough for counting, when the match is done

2 spots left, come join the fun.

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