Titan's Grasp - Great alliance for mid to late game players


Not unusual for coolhand to be highest in titan, but normally the top guys are close to each other


2 spots open. Join the fun!


1 spot left. Coolhand showing a 9* titan no respect atm!


Hey guys,

Have one spot open.

My name’s Womp Womp in game. This Alliance is really more than just a place to battle Titans and clash in War. It’s a fun home with a lively chat, joking around, etc.

Hope you stop by and check us out. We could definitely use the help on 9 and 10* Titans!


SmackAttack 2018 is the team for you… we are looking for people who can help us take down Titans and help us in war… currently 7* Titan … we are a dedicated group who likes to have fun and destroy … open group check us out


Wrong thread?
Promoting in another alliance thread is very uncool.

Luckily Titan’s Grasp is full of cool folks.
Come check us out!