Titans: Grades, Loot Tiers, and You



The last two 7* Titans that escaped I was A Grade and got LT=4. That doesn’t match what’s shown in the OP, is there a chart of the current math somewhere?


So if I’m understanding this, if I earn Loot Tier 7, I should receive 2 ascension mats in the loot (albeit most likely crappy ones), yes? Or is no mats a possible outcome of the 2 mats rolls? Just wondering because I just wasted a flask to make sure a titan didn’t escape, earning tier 7 loot in the process but received absolutely no ascension mats at all, not even a wooden sword or rugged clothes.


Yes. At loot tier 7 you get 2 mats, most often they will be farmable and not the ones you really want ;-(


That’s what I thought, but for some reason I didn’t get any, not even farmable ones. Guess maybe I should move this over to the bugs/issues board.


Did you take a picture by chance? If so can you post it?


Unfortunately no.

Iirc, the loot contained food, iron, 2 ingredients (sunspire feathers and I think common herbs), a couple gems and a silver token.


The loot tier is displayed also. When you kill more than 1 titan in 24 hours or if you score too low points your loot tier is decreased by a lot resulting in less matrolls. And also Swords or Backpacks count as matrolls. Sometimes you get 2-3 of the same item but only one is displayed (with a 2x or 3x underneath).

Most so called „bugs“ are no bugs it‘s an error in human observation.


@Maaeetz is right.
@Anaea this is a common mistake.
All the items found under loot>ascention matterials are considered as such, unrellated to stars and farmability. Meaning tabard=sword etc.


I know that the loot tier is displayed, that is how I know that it was loot tier 7. I’m also well aware that swords and backpacks are ascension mats. My point was that the loot didn’t include anything that is considered an ascension material, farmable or non-farmable, much less two instances of any.


Ok. But thats quite not possible. If it happens again get a screenshot and we‘ll investigate on this :wink:


If this is true and a screenshot is provided Im happy to create a #bugs-issues topic.


As I mentioned a few posts back, I did not take a screenshot (didn’t know how to do so on my device at the time). If it happens again I will do so.


I wish tier 15 was worth 5 ascension mat drops.


Is there a post or site that has all the current tier rules documented?
As I pointed out a few posts upthread: the numbers in the original post of this thread aren’t all accurate anymore.


Not looking to be argumentative or anything here, just trying to understand the system better…

Is this actually true? I think I recall reading somewhere about something like this being put into place to discourage mercenary activity, but if this is the actual rule it would actually act as a nerf on everyone’s titan loot, including those who remain in their alliances long-term, because titans appear more frequently than every 24 hours. I believe that the titans are on a 23 hour clock so if your alliance kills one in the last hour of the time allotted, then the next one will necessarily result in nerfed loot. :thinking: I hope that this is not the case as this seems to be unnecessarily punishing to people who are not doing anything to exploit the system.

I can see this, or something similar, being a rule on filling the titan chest though.


If you stay in your ally - no matter how fast you kill the titan you will always get full loot. This rule only applies when you leave an ally and join a new one. The timer for it is 20hours and not 24 though!

They just wanted to punish mercs.


Good to know. Thanks for the info.


Data for the theory about changing an alliance penalty.

Just defeated an 8* titan, received a B score from 4 hits.

Only 2* Loot: Crypt Mushroom, Firestone, Dagger, Rugged Clothes, Gems x1
Same on the second account which got a C score.

Titan in previous alliance escaped this morning. 7.5 hours remaining before the Titan Mission counter un-greys and becomes active again, so that is likely the determination for full loot.


Titan Level 7 escaped, grade A
(TL+2) / 2 = (7+2) / 2 = 4,5
Got IV, really rounded up?!


Rounding up means that it supposed to be V or am I missing something?