Titans: Grades, Loot Tiers, and You



You’re right about the possibility, and I know I did not even look.

Foolish me. Thanks


Which tier you get 4AM roll? XIII and up?


XIV and up. I’m 20chars sure



Here’s my crap A+ loot from 2 titans ago. Besides the compass and titan flask.


That’s why we have an urban legend that says A+ is cursed. Of course sometimes it happens to be good just to mistify


So for AM: C at a 9* is the same as a A+ in a 10*,right?


Yes, both give 3 rolls on AM. I’m sure there’s something on the algorithm that benefits better performances btw


Ah didn’t know of that, it isn’t mentioned in OP. Should have noticed since an A+ on a 12* titan gives loot tier 15 but only loots up to loot tier 12 are mentioned.
So A+ on a 11* and A/A+ on a 12* give 4 ascension materials, right? good to know


Seems like going for 4 AM drops isn’t really worth the battle item expenditure IMO.



I think that you have hit the nail right on the head.
One more roll … which is probably leather armor … is not worth the expenditure, to my mind.

I retired from huge titans for a reason :blush:

Great score, by the way, congrats! :hugs:
But what exactly did you receive for all your trouble?


My link above is a video. Try tapping it and it should play.



It was a rhetorical question, dear :blush:
I saw the “great” loot…


LMAO my bad

20 characters



finished 12th and did 3.32% damage and got just grade C (tier equal to the stars of the titan)


this titan loot changes for rare titans?
because even when I was in category A and titan was 6 * I received category IX


when rare, I think (from personal experience) that the tier is by default +1 normal tier for everyone


thank you so much I really did not know and I was confused. :smile:


Titan tiers/grades on a 6* Titan:

C = (6) VI Tier
B = (7) VII Tier
A = (8) VIII Tier
A+ = (9) IX Tier


and for rare titans (I think):

Rare Titan tiers/grades on a 6* Rare Titan:

C = (7) VII Tier
B = (8) VIII Tier
A = (9) IX Tier
A+ = (10) X Tier


I think so:

Rare Titan Updates