Titans: Grades, Loot Tiers, and You



Here is mine from today. Not sure if it is right or wrong but works for me!


Hold off on screenshots.

They admitted there was a bug; I think the bug was more widespread than they admitted as I have screenshots of broken loot for people that have been tagged in the same alliance for longer than I’ve even been playing (they aren’t mercs, obviously), but no call to arms yet.


Lol understood…

and I was just about to upload 6 screens from the one that just died =P


The first and last person to attack Titans should get something others don’t just an idea and people who answer questions here should get some thing for helping someone to play the game peace out


Giving rewards for last hit breeds bad behavior: I’ve seen this many times where people will sit on flags to try to get last hit, and that’s suboptimal for any alliance.

All because SG put that silly stat in the profile page: it means nothing and something smarter should be done with that real estate imo.

As for first hit, not sure what that would truly encourage but timezone advantage would probably cause some complaints if it weren’t absolutely meaningless.

My thoughts anyway.


Ok I did not that peace out


@Revelate are we accumulating Screenshots again now that the version update is out?


I’m not really playing much anymore TBH, not collecting data currently of any sort but appreciate your asking!


This really is a thread that I’m always falling back to.


Glad you found it useful!

Better loot from wars and Titans
Random loot?

Are these ascension material drops still correct?


Just had tier 13


Looks like it still seems to be 3 ascension item rolls at loot tier 13?


The system that uses sg for the titans reward is an error, it should be limited to A + and nothing else, to improve the gameplay. I have gone through 3 alliances and all are equal, a group of old players, with A guaranteed, killing titans of 5 and 6 and alliances with 15 or 20 assets, not filled by not losing that A. For them it is formidable, mats , etc, but below, 7,8 and 9 are profitable, not those. And without mats you do not grow


Does D rank still exist or not?


I believe D rank is assigned to players who do less than 1% damage to titan.


I thought there is no D rank for killing the titan anymore. But Im not sure. Never had less than 1%…


D rank does still exist.


Has this changed?

Received A+ on a 6* titan today. The tier showed IX, but potent leaves, leather armor, strong rope and then healing potion seems like only two ascension materials.

Sorry for no picture.


There might have been 2x of the rope or the armor?