Titans: Grades, Loot Tiers, and You



First one was Merc account. Second is not.

Last one I accidentally cropped it but you can still see all the items lol.


Looks like IX has 2 rolls and XI 3. Maybe they pushed the line from IX to X for 3 ascension rolls?


That’s what it appears like on limited data; we saw this before where the 3 rolls got pushed from VIII to IX, but still it’s something of a surprise when I saw it this morning that it hadn’t been reported previously.

Possible that the roll count is just more variable, that definitely seems to be the case on the consumable (battle item) drops compared to yesteryear, but really don’t have enough information yet.


First off - if they knowingly nerfed this and didn’t disclose it that would suck, just like when they nerfed the elemental chests and we found out the hard way.

Second - is there a chance this may be (please let it be) related to the oddities being posted with inaccurate loot tiers?

Thirdly - we have a 7* we will be beating shortly, I will likely land A+ so I can report back what loot tier X is, but I can also ask my A-team (LOL) how many rolls they got since they would be IX.

I don’t understand why they keep nerfing these types of things? Is it because on the whole there are more chances? Quite frankly the optics on this one are horrible as it now makes it look like only the top tier people stand to benefit and the rest of us are SOL, just like the events are currently configured.


I don’t know but I was thinking about that earlier: they did say they were planning to introduce more ascension items via new content (events / AW) but the reduction here doesn’t make much sense.

Loot tier X and higher looks mostly unchanged, or at least I can’t really tell any difference from all my saved loot screen shots.

If you can get screencaps from your alliance mates would be appreciated heh, pretty sure now their ascension rolls are going to be 2.

Loot Tier II is another to check as that was the old 1/2 ascension item breakpoint but doesn’t make much difference in tweaking that.


I sent the message to the team in game and for the dozen or so on Line - we will see what they do. We’re close to victory (30k left) so some may not see it in time.


I will try to gather data from my alliance as well.


Here are my screenshots for 5* just defeated, will add those from willing participants in the alliance as I get them.


Confirmed on two accounts that on a Volcanic Dragon 7* loot tier IX gave THREE ascension items. The freakout can stop (at least the nerf freakout :))


Here’s some from my wife on that same 5*

As a side note, would you prefer I line screenshots to you instead @Revelate? I was just thinking it would allow the thread to load faster with less images and thus focus more on discussion.


@Revelate - I can line them to you as well. Too lazy to post them here.


Yeah, something interesting is going on. I’ve got screenshots from a 9* that loot tier IX was 2 ascension items, and also just now got screenshots from a 7* that loot tier IX got 3 ascension items.

Something appears to be strange, not entirely sure what yet but either our understanding was wrong (which would seem a little strange the community was pretty complete before) or we’re back to potentially bigger performers getting bigger chances, or something else… pure random potentially.


@petri is support looking into this?


Here’s just an example of two ascension item rolls:

I had a similar C grade on my alt on this same titan but recorded the data directly and no screenshot (stupid me)

Something has changed, there was a patch somewhat recently that the mercs were all complaining of reduced loot but TBH I didn’t really pay attention but if they were one hitting non-trivial titans and not hitting at B or above, wonder if this was what they were seeing?

Don’t know, started tracking titan level too in my data which never would have thought to do before as previously it was all just loot tier.


Also as a merc / not merc datapoint:

The picture I showed was someone who had been in the alliance 11d at the time; my own one was less than 24h from joining (went walkabout on our skip titan) so it doesn’t appear to be merc related directly more likely it’s just performance based.

Need more data, as always :stuck_out_tongue:


I posted in the other thread - but maybe performance rating is influencing loot tier ascension rolls - i.e. A rating loot tier 9 gets 3, c rating gets 2.


Yeah that was my point about titan performance stratification.

Just so early and the data is so limited but it appears clearly to be a more complicated scenario than it has been since at least 1.5.

I don’t know when the change to better loot for lower performers went in, but it was still a topic when I first joined this forum and I started in early July on 1.5 so it was sometime before that.


I’ll keep an eye on it for our next titan as well.



With this being the case should we hold off on data collection until the update, or do you want Screenshots up to that point as well?