Titans: Grades, Loot Tiers, and You

Yes. I’m 99% sure that’s the case, anyway.


Does anyone have the range of HP for 8 and 9 star titans?

I used to maintain a log in my previous alliance, just took a quick look at that. It seems, for us, the 8 stars capped at 2156k and 9 stars capped at 2706k. Hope that helps. :slight_smile:


Thanks, that’s what I was looking for. I have the data for 10 and 11 stars.

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I had today only 2 crafting materials on loot tier X.
So following the table i would expect 3 crafting materials?
I had Strong rope and a crafting Stone.
I had also turtle banner and reactivation roll but I thought it wouldnt affect the crafting materials since this are battle items?

Mostly likely you had a x2 under one of those two ascension items. Multiples also count towards the 3 rolls. :slight_smile:

For example, here you can see that I should have got 4 AM rolls for loot tier 14, but it only shows 3. That is because I got 2x strong rope, thus making it a total of 4. Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

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Ah yes, two sharpening Stones. Didn’t spotted that before. Thanks for the info.

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After how many titans does a rare one appear?
I thought i Read it somewhere before but cannot find it anymore.
Between 5 and 14 or some thing?

More or less this :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s no set number but it seems to be a Binomial Distribution around 8/9 KILLED titans.

between 5-14 is the outer limits of what can reasonably be seen from a statistical probability perspective but usually its closer to the 8/9 mark.

@Guvnor - any chance you could direct me to a 14 star Titan listing (i.e. Titan name and element is all I’m really looking for)…? RaZ

What do you mean sorry?

13 & 14* titans are:
5x Rare Titans (Queen Harpy, Alpha Gryphon, Dragon Rooster, Thunder Unicorn & Ancient Tiger)
Armoured Hydra (Yellow - Holy)
Chaos Spider (Purple - Dark)
Fireblade Giant (Red - Fire)
Icehammer Giant (Blue - Ice)
Crystalline Collossas (Green - Nature)

Think this is it Guv…

14* Armoured Hydra (Yellow - Holy)
14* Chaos Spider (Purple - Dark)
14* Fireblade Giant (Red - Fire)
14* Icehammer Giant (Blue - Ice)
14* Crystalline Collossas (Green - Nature)

and following are the Rares?

14* Queen Harpy
14* Alpha Gryphon
14* Dragon Rooster
14* Thunder Unicorn
14* Ancient Tiger

Is this correct?

As far as I am aware yes :slight_smile:

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I am curious…the loot on titan for ascension for example : for 3 rolls for ascension is making 1 for 4star ascension mats and 2 for for 3 star or ar they counting like 3 rolls for 3 and 4 all together? How it works?

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they are independent rolls, so you can get even 3 4* mats when rolling for 3 AMs but the chance is remote at least. sorry for my english.


Ooo ty for answering

The loot I’ve been getting lately have been sucking big shafts lately.

@Nemonis, @Boguebob is correct. Each roll gives the chance at a variety of ascension mats ranging from 1* to the elusive 4* materials.

Have a look at this thread here for some more information on the actual % of getting different types of items:

I was A+ and loot tier 14 for a defeated titan. I got 2 rolls for ascension items. Is that correct or should it be more? Based on numbers at top if thread I am seeing 4 so thought it was worth it to ask. I appreciate any feedback,

You have 3x dagger as well as the hidden blade


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