Titans: Grades, Loot Tiers, and You

D’oh. I feel some obligation to Revelate to continue his tradition of posting verification shots. I’ll add a note that it’s attested but no photo yet.


Good solution. I only have a record of one Tier XVI loot result too, so it’s dicier than my assertions regarding Tiers XIV and XV (20 results, and nine results, respectively).


In a new alliance. The second titan we defeated since joining was a9*. My loot award page says tier X, but strong rope and a sharpening stone were only ascension materials. Is that correct?

Anyone have any data on appearance rates? I’m thinking that there may be more involved than just the number of rolls, but number of stars on the mat as well.

What we really need is a breakdown of each loot tier like in the store


This would be awesome

Just wanted to clarify, a rare titan counts as Titan Level+1 correct? Defeating a Rare 9* with an A rating would be loot tier 9 + 1 + 2 = 12? I don’t see this listed in any of the major Titan threads.

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We have had the same issue just had a rare 6* drop mystic rings for a grade level C while all of us B, A, & A+ got the basics no Ascension item. Or is it different for Ascension items? Someone else on another Titan got an Ascension item with Tier II loot but Tier I we get nothing.

Rare titans have a CHANCE at an additional ascension item drop - it appears at the very end of the loot roll. Maybe one person will get it, or several, or none. It is random.
Important to remember - your attack level (A+ etc.) does not affect the type of loot you receive - each part of the loot is rolled randomly. The level can only affect the number of loot rolls you get. And as each roll is random, it is entirely possible for someone with an attack level of C to get a rare ascension item.
So your statement that you received no ascension item is most likely not correct - a wooden sword, a wooden shield or a strong rope, for example, are all ascension items - even if they aren’t the ascension items you were hoping for or needing.


Hi guys, I believe many already asked, but I will ask as well - do we have any details on percentages not just number of ascension items?
Tournament rewards & shop drops info revealed to us kind of logic used for rolls… I believe this might be in place as well for titan ascension drops.

So cannot this mean that Loot tier affects % wheter u get 1*/2*/3*/4* ascension item during the roll ? (Percentages could be set either on stars category (like tournament rewards) or directly per each ascension item (like in shop)).

Thx for investigation on this.

Apologies if this has been answered yet, but I can’t find it if it has.

Do different level Titans give different percentages per ascension material roll?

Obviously you can get more rolls with higher titans, but do the rolls themselves get better?

For instance, getting an A grade on a 7* Titan yields 3 rolls, as does getting a B grade on an 8*. Will the loot from the 8 Titan be better than the loot from the 7? The same? What about the difference between A and B on an 8. Both get 3 rolls but are the rolls equal?

Thanks in advance

No one knows for certain. People have speculated that they do, but no dataset has ever been published. The one data effort I’m aware of failed to distinguish between escapes and kills, and didn’t appear to look at probability per slot.


Yo G! I have some info on this that may be useful (if not definitive). I’ll PM you, and you can decide if it’s worthy of posting here.



Your recent “like” of my post above made me realize that I needed to issue a retraction in the forum.

This is untrue! I recently got Tier XVI loot again, and it only had four ascension mat rolls. I notified @Garanwyn of same in Line, but apparently didn’t say anything about it here, so I wanted to set it straight here too.


Do you still have screenshot? I missed that you can get 2 of the same item for a roll.

Is there a dataset for the results around an entire alliance’s kills?

I do not. But i do pay attention to how many of each item i get when recording info from my screenshots, so I’m fairly sure i didn’t miss a duplicate item.

None published that I’m aware of.

I’ve got loot tier XVI a few times and only get 4AM… maybe someone confused because you can only get loot tier XVI from rare titan and the bonus itens run in an independent slot … so i would say loot tier XVI has 4AM slot only … the fifth am might have been the bonus AM from Special titan

I guess I’m not seeing the conflict…

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