Titans: Grades, Loot Tiers, and You

Yes only on a 9 star I notice I don’t get good ascension items. On a 10* got two trap tools between two. So are you saying a c on a 10* is a a+ on a 7*. That a b on a 7* is a c on a 9*?

The drop rate for 4* ascension items is very low no matter what the titain rating. Even for a 12*, you’re going to get less than 1 for every 20 titans you kill.

An A on a 7* is the same as a C on a 9*. There’s no equivalent on a 9* for a B on a 7*.


One extremely nit-picky refinement to this: there’s no equivalent on a 9* for a B on a Regular 7*. Getting a B ranking on a Rare 7* would be equivalent to a C on a 9*.


Thanks you both helped me out tremendously. Now as long as these messages remain I’m set to go! I can get forgetful sometimes so reflecting back on notes or messages helps.


They’re not going anywhere! :slight_smile:

If you’d like to make them easier to find when you want to come back to a post, the forum has a built-in bookmarking feature, once you tap the three horizontal dots under a post:


Once you bookmark it - see zephyr1 above - you can find it again by searching titan loot in:bookmarks


Thanks. Not now but future preference not trying to be a pain but is there a way to get a deeper in depth break down. Like okay a - b rating for a 7* rare is the equivalent of a c - rating on a 9* and a c- rating on a 10* is the equivalent of a c-rating on a 9* but like what about a 8* and a 11 & 12* titan? There like I don’t think need anything below 8* and we likely will bounce for now between 9*/10* but eventually I am assuming will get to a 11* & 12 * longer along the way.

You can save off this picture. Every column is the same loot tier:

(Thanks @Rook!)


Thanks! Though a little confusing still trying to connect the dots a little how it’s referencing a previous ranking on a lower titan to higher one. But I don’t want to be a bother so I’ll try figuring it out.

To give an example from the image @Garanwyn posted, you read down a column, and all of those are the same loot tier, so, for example, all of these are the same (column D):

  • 9* – C
  • 8* – B
  • 7* – A
  • 6* – A+

Basically every star level you drop means you have to rank one grade higher for the same loot.


If you look at the column with an E at the top, you can see it has:

10* C
And then below that
9* B
And then below that
8* A
And so on

That means that a C on a 10* gives the same loot roll as a B on a 9*, or an A on an 8*.

If you find a given titain and grade (say, 10* C) in the chart, you can go up or down the column to find all the other titain * and grades that give the same loot.


one easy benchmark to remember is Tier 9, always shoot for at LEAST tier 9. This will give 3 chances of the low-percentage ‘roll’ needed for 3* and 4* ascension mats. Compared to tier 8 and below, which only gives 2. This 50% increase REALLY makes a difference over the long haul. :wink:


Forgive me if this has already been answered in this thread, but I really don’t want to read through every single post…

Does the same formula apply to rare titans? My alliance just took down our first 9* rare, a Thunder Unicorn. I got the A+ ranking, which on a 9* should be loot tier 12, correct? I may be misremembering, but I could have sworn I got loot tier 13.

Am I missing something, or do I just need new glasses?

Rare titans give loot tiers equivalent to a Regular titan rated one star higher.


Cool, thanks for the speedy response!

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So is it possible to get 5 ascension drops with 13* titans?

@Kerridoc? @kamikaze_assassin? 13* titans and loot tiers is going to be pretty specialized knowledge.

True dat and 20 characters.

As they were before… no. The 4 rolls for Loot tier 14 was actually added after the 11-14* titans were released as a way of trying to bring the loot more in line with the effort required to kill the new monsters. When 13 and 14s are reintroduced they absolutely could add a 5th roll to loot tier 16 or 17, but I don’t think any of that has been determined yet.


And a B on a 9* titan can give you(not my loot, I got only 2* crap)

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