Titans: Grades, Loot Tiers, and You

Is there any drop rate of emblems for a rare Titan?

It’s not known yet, but tracking is happening over here:


Thank you very much @zephyr1

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For now I got emblems for every rare I killed with full loot (2-10 tokens for me. A friend reported 20 emblems). But talking reduced loot on rare titans I never received emblems no matter if loot tier II or V.

And loot tier from reduced loot is always rounded down - that‘s what I experienced aswell.

What’s the benefit of fighting titans any higher than 9* if loot tier rolls are the same from 9-12 as you’re guaranteed loot tier 9 at the minimum at C grade?

If anything, fighting anything above 9 only allows an improvement of loot rolls for those who can’t even make C grade. So, what’s the benefit or am I misinterpreting this?

Better odds on the rolls themselves:


In regards to better loot quality. I must have the worst of luck as RNGesus doth not blessed thee. The alliance I’m in, regularly grade A and worst case B and I’m lucky to get an ascension item at all in most cases fighting nothing but 10/11 star and only passing on 12*.

Confirmation bias, maybe but I was getting better loot before joining my current alliance 40 days ago fighting 5-7 star titans. While I’m willing to give benefit of the doubt, as I’ve only been playing since Oct last year. I’ve not gotten a single tome drop.

I know, it’s all luck. But believing that higher tier titans would be the answer to improving the frequency of better items thus far has been false for the last 40 days and I’ve only traded ease for high cost materials and frustrations of higher titans.

Yeah, this is where the better chances on average don’t always pay off for a given relatively small sample size, unfortunately. In the long run you’ll be better off, but 40 days of titans isn’t really a lot of rolls, given even the “better” drop rates are pretty slow on 4* mats.

From what I’ve seen even from players in alliances consistently killing 12*, your luck doesn’t even need to be that bad to be short on 4* mats.

Your best bet at a Tome of Tactics is the next Farholme Pass, where you can get one guaranteed (assuming you beat the Quest). But unfortunately for where we are in the Rare Quest cycle, that’s around a month or so away. :slightly_frowning_face:


Looking forward to the quest. It’s the reliable source and the random sales that aren’t in the crazy $100 bundles which is where I’ve had to get the three tomes necessary to level my heroes.

Definitely Empires & Patience. However, what makes me really livid about this game is how unfair the rewards are. Like alliance members often do, we announce our “gets”. The guys who don’t make the grade or at best grade C walk always with ascension items while I’ve exhausted resources to take grade high and carry some load and get feathers, strings, and nuggets.

I will say, all of us (from what I can tell) have a degree of luck on one or two items. The running joke in my alliance is that I get an elemental chest every 7 days (due to forcing skips to increase the chance that one appears). I rely on those, plus diamond/monster chests to grant me ascension mats. It’s seldom they appear from titans.

Anyway, not to turn this thread into a rant. My apologies for doing so. Was hoping someone would give me ammo to present to my leader to drop Titan tiers cuz they really aren’t that fun to fight in my opinion.


There may not be justification for the alliance as a whole to drop titan levels, but my suggestion is you approach titans in a way that is fun for you.

Presuming you like your alliance mates and want to stick around with them, I’d shift your mindset on titans.

Use more sustainable items. Don’t worry as much about rankings. Titans come ever 23 hours, if every one is a slog for you, you’ll eventually burn out.

And in the meantime, it’s nice you have some luck in spots, like the elemental chests.

The RNG in this game can drive you batty. In fact it’s kind of a guarantee that it does for everyone at some point. So I think it’s helpful to work on what you can, enjoy the company of teammates, and find ways to make the journey fun, since it’s a long and slow one. :slight_smile:


The feeling that members scoring low on titans are rewarded better than titan killers is very widespread, but its explanation is in numbers, not in SG conspiracies or bad luck (well luck is always there, but in this case numbers play a very major role).
Even in my alliance we call it the A+ curse, cause top hitters rarely get anything, while there’s always someone posting on our Discord channel super loots from C scores: I got a Royal Tabard myself yesterday for a C.
By the way, back to numbers: consider the last example where I got an unfarmable 4* from a C score on a 11* titan.

  • point 1. Against 11* titans, A+ gets 4 rolls for ascension mats (AM), while all the other get 3 rolls, unless you score D
  • point 2. Roughly half the alliance will always get C or worse. This is due to the fact that B is given to members hitting better than the average (3.3% of titan health that is total/30), so anyone who hits below the average (about half the alliance, every time, that’s math) will get C or D
  • point 3. Let’s assume to make calculations easier that 2 members score D and that the probability of getting any unfarmable AM (UFAM) is 1/20 with each AM roll.

Now, there’s only 1 A+ member, he gets 4 AM rolls, chances of getting no UFAM = (1 - 1/20)^4 = 81.5%, expected UFAM = 1/20 * 4 = 0.2 (respectively chances of 0 successes and average of successes in a binomial distribution).
On the other hand there are 13 C scorers (half alliance minus 2 D scorers), each getting 3 AM rolls for a total of 39 rolls: chances of getting no UFAM = (1 - 1/20) ^ 39 = 13.5%, expected UFAM = 1/20 * 39 = 1.95.
However, if you consider any of those C scorers alone he gets no UFAM (1- 1/20) ^ 3 = 85.7% of the times and expects 0.15 UFAM per kill.

To conclude, we’ll see UFAM in A+ loot once every 5 killed titans, while C scorers will on average call 2 UFAM per kill, but this does not mean that the A+ is cursed, he is the player that has undoubtedly the best chances of being rewarded.

So the hallucination comes from the fact the low scorers are a horde compared to the lone A+ hitter, so even if they get worse loots singularly they all contribute together in the game chat to highlight how many wonders they got.

It goes without saying that if you add the B scorers (about 10 on average) within the pool of low hitters, the perception becomes even more distorted.


That made perfect sense, I thank you for the clarity.

That post is over a year old, and I don’t think anyone is trying to be insulting. People can disagree in good faith on what is easy or hard to understand. But I can see why the post might bother you.

There are many of us here who would be happy to help work through figuring out loot tiers and loot rolls with you. Is there a particular part of the description that isn’t making good sense for you?


Sorry my apologies. Yep I am way late to the finding article. I just figured it was still opened so as to why not closed who knows. Thanks for your reply. Again my apologies. I wasn’t trying to wrongful jump to conclusions. It just sucks sometimes not being able to understand what average people can. Also, thanks. I was just trying to affirm if it is indeed correct if I get a c rating on a 10* is that really equal to a A+ loot on a 7*. Also , somebody told me higher up in strength titans a lower rating can get a 3 tier loot. Is that false and only A+?

No worries. We’ve all got subjects that are real sore spots for us. :slight_smile: I just wanted to assure you that I didn’t think there was any ill intent in that post.

It’s absolutely right that a C on a 10* produces the same number of ascension material rolls as an A+ on a 7*. Sounds like you got it perfectly!

All titans drop a mix of 1* through 4* ascension materials for everyone, A+ through D. Usually, you get 1* or 2* stuff like Training Manuals–no matter how strong the titan or how well you did. But with stronger titains, you get more rolls, even at a C.

Because of this, you are more likely to get a 3* or 4* item with a C on a strong titan than with a C on a weak one. It’s just like flipping a coin: the more times you flip it, the more likely you are to get at least one heads.

In case you might find it helpful, there’s a picture in this post that shows which grades on which titans produce the same number of loot rolls:

If you go down a column, every entry in that column is at the same loot tier. So if you go down the middle column, you can see the case we were talking about: a C on a 10* is the same as a B on a 9*, or an A on an 8*, or an A+ on a 7*.

Did that cover everything you were wondering about?


Yes only on a 9 star I notice I don’t get good ascension items. On a 10* got two trap tools between two. So are you saying a c on a 10* is a a+ on a 7*. That a b on a 7* is a c on a 9*?

The drop rate for 4* ascension items is very low no matter what the titain rating. Even for a 12*, you’re going to get less than 1 for every 20 titans you kill.

An A on a 7* is the same as a C on a 9*. There’s no equivalent on a 9* for a B on a 7*.


One extremely nit-picky refinement to this: there’s no equivalent on a 9* for a B on a Regular 7*. Getting a B ranking on a Rare 7* would be equivalent to a C on a 9*.


Thanks you both helped me out tremendously. Now as long as these messages remain I’m set to go! I can get forgetful sometimes so reflecting back on notes or messages helps.


They’re not going anywhere! :slight_smile:

If you’d like to make them easier to find when you want to come back to a post, the forum has a built-in bookmarking feature, once you tap the three horizontal dots under a post:


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