Titans for S2

There’s no titans in S2 map, so why not try to fight against a different kind of titan.

1 Flag Titan - > one attack only.
Quickly Titan - > half time duration.
3,4, 5* Titan - > limited Hero stars.
1 colour Titan - > only heros of one colour.
War Titan - > like in war, each hero can be used once.
Watchtower Titan - > if you defeated, apart from the usual reward, your jam and iron stores will fill up. And if you don’t it will leave your stores empty.
Basic troopsTitan - > only 1* troops.
Team Titan - > a determined coloured team. For instance, 2 red, 2 blue and 1 yellow.

I konw I have too much free time at work, but it would be so funny.

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