Titans duration


Is there any way you can change cool down time to 3 hours. Killing titans is the only good thing about this game anymore.
Waiting 6 hours to hit just seems to long.
Plus haven’t really noticed any changes to loot still the same old stuff and not much. Getting A+ and some of my alliance getting Bs and there getting better loot.?


Hell yeah this is something that needs to change. After you complete the map, what’s left? 6 hour wait on titans. Developers start putting more effort into the game or make Titan killing more fun. Shorten the cool down time, oh and get rid of the timer! Seriously the titan…you know what I’m going to add another topic.


I agree that 6 hours is way too long to wait for 1 hit on the titan. But I don’t think the timer should be removed from titan battles. If we make the recharge every 3 hours it will give people more chances at titan hunting.