Titans: -DEF debuffer priority by color?

Since generic -DEF debuff does not stack, I’m just wondering if there’s a clear priority of which -DEF debuffers to bring against titans. Only talking about generic -DEF, not elemental debuffers that I know we always want.

PURPLE: Wilbur or Athena? Since there are no yellow pulverizers, I’m assuming that we want to just use the best off-color one, which is Athena in terms of max -DEF, or maybe subbing in Wilbur if survivability is an issue.

YELLOW: Athena vs. Tibertus vs. Cheshire Cat vs. Kunchen. This is a tough one for me. Athena is off-color, Cat has a stronger (but shorter) effect than Tibertus, Kunchen is slow mana but adds valuable healing and dispelling, if Rigard is not on the team.

GREEN: Wilbur vs. Gormek. Seems easy since Athena is out of the picture- Wilbur has higher -DEF and adds survivability to the team, so Wilbur > Gormek.

RED: Athena vs. Isarnia vs. Grimm. Athena seems like the clear choice here. Bonus question- Could it be worth running Athena AND Isarnia here due to high tile damage even though the debuffs don’t stack?

BLUE: Athena vs. Buddy. Buddy has some decent secondary effects to go along with the debuff, and is a strong color. Does that make up for the weak tile damage and the difference in -DEF vs Athena?

For purple, if both are available in the player’s roster, then it’d be Athena. Basically for purple just bring the best def- hero available. For a long time that was Grimm for me, now it’s Wilbur.

For the others I prefer to run one of the def- caster heroes that is the strong color to add to the color stack.

If Isarnia is the best choice then possibly, you could fire her first and then Athena since they’re the same speed. But if Magni is available it would be better to run him over Isarnia, similar attack stats and both trainable.

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If you bring a hero that does it, great - you can always mana pot to get it at the time you need it. But I have been experimenting with trying to use harpoons to supply this instead. Because you must first stun the titan, the timing can be tricky. It is not yet clear to me if this is better, since the upside is that I can bring one more holy hero instead of a neutral element hero.

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CCat is better, fast mana speed and has more high attack stat over Kunchen and only 2 point different att stat with Tiburtus (not so significant). But as you said, we need survive support, because we did not bring Wilbur, then Kunchen. And if we do not have Kunchen, then use Wilbur instead.

IMO, we can also use Valkyrie’s Bane, if we have hunter lodge and has good resources.
(-35%, -40%, -45%, -50%, -55%), worth to try.
Valkyrie’s Bane = The target gets -35% defense and a further -5% decrease every turn over 5 turns.

I use Athena+8 except on green, where I use @Kerridoc, err, Wilbur. Athena’s -defense rapidly gets to its -62% (IIRC) maximum, which is way better than any other -defense. It would be interesting if some ambitious person were to do some simulations to check this intuition, though.

A problem using Athena instead of an on-color hero or item is timing—Athena often comes ready before or after the on-color heroes are ready to fire. Mana pots can address the problem in one direction, but I’m always hesitant about holding specials and risking the caster being killed.


Must be nice to have Athena, I’ll just have to soothe my sorrow next month with Kingston town, YAH Maan, IRIE!

But Kingston doesnt lower defense

Isarnia is slow, athena is average so not same speed but yea isarnia tile damage is good to use but i wouldn’t be able to fit her in so varies case by case

Athena frida alasie magni miki


oh wow, I always thought she was slow :stuck_out_tongue: need new :eyeglasses:

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Did I misread his card? Thought he was a green version of Athena, oh no, pine on if not.

Woe be me.

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No he does what athena does kinda but for attack, not defense

Hits 1, lowers attack of 3 by -31% and a further amount each time they’re hit

:ok_hand:, I’ll double check his card, thanks

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My opinion:
Blue titans: buddy (athena) + Evelyn
Red titans: Athena (Isarnia) + Frida/king
Green titans: wilbur + G. Falcon
Purple titans: Athena (wilbur) + G. Jackal
Yellow: C. Cat + G. Panther

If i could choose thoose were the ones i would take… sadly don’t have them all specially Athena :sob::sob:

Excluded itens … but that new one with def debuff replace any of regular hero debuff (harpoon and the progressive one) and you can stack one more hero of strong colour

So an Athena + Kingston combo would be jacked?

if you have wilbur, you dont need anybody else.

Well the tile damage by stacking colour increase your damage a lot…
Yes wilbur is great at keeping your heroes alive…
But i want maximise it

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