Titans.... and when they appear

So… We currently have 3 members in our alliance… its new and we are on diffrent time zones. My problem is… we have all attacked titans till we are out of energy… Win loose or draw the titan either is killed or escapes.
On several occasions the new titan arrives an hour after we have all exhausted titan energy. So we have no time to refill and loose valuable time waiting 4hours to get 1 attempt… please can we do somthing about this??

Unfortunately, that is the current setup, and presents a challenge for smaller alliances and its members scattered across the world. Not really a bug.

After a Titan shows up, you have the same, finite amount of time to defeat it (22 hours). Whether you kill it early, kill it late, or it finally runs off, the next one always show up 23 hours after previous one spawned. So you’d have at very minimum 1 hour between Titans. Now, if Titans didn’t show up when they are supposed to, that is a bug.

Unless you have Alliance Energy Flasks that completely rejuvenates your Alliance Energy (which is only good for hitting Titans) or you leveled up (which also replenishes the Alliance Energy), you and your alliance members will need to determine whether in your current damage output, you are able to kill the current Titan that shows up (don’t take too long though), or let it go so you can recuperate this energy for the next Titan that shows up after.

My alliance is not full either (we have 10), and rather than exhausting energy on one we have no hope of defeating, and the next one shows up and we don’t have the energy to kill and potentially letting 2 escape, we choose to let go of the current one and focus conserving the energy for the next “weaker” one.

Another more obvious solution is to get more members to join your alliance. Best of luck to you.


Thank you for that shohohu… very helpful

I am wondering if that is an “issue” that could be solved by having localized servers set to local time… we seem to be competing on a Global scale… so the titan appears at diffrent times to other members outside of uk for example

Different timezones is the reason why the complete cycle is 23 hours instead of 24. Alliances are often composed of members from all around the world, so over the course of the 24 days the titan time cycle takes to repeat, everyone should get a shot at the titan at a convenient time for them.


Sometimes it’s best for the leadership by the mid-way point of the titan around 11-12 hours or so to declare if you’re going to continue hitting or you’re going to let it escape and have everyone save their hits to have 3/3 hits for when the next titan spawns.


Good day Shohoku79,

I apologize if I’m sending this request to the wrong person. I belong to a clan which seems to be having a problem with logging in and out of the game and the Titan is defeated and then a new Titan appears, and again it is defeated.

Any idea why this is?

No worries. I am also by all means not an expert on the subject, but sounds like you might be facing game connectivity issues to the game, is the same issue happening with everyone of your alliance mates?

I always find it best to play on a reliable Wi-Fi network and always make sure you are synched with your download source for your OS, that is, PlayStore for Android, and iTunes Store for IOS/Apple so your progress/data is saved. A spotty network connection might also attribute to poor gaming experience. I am not sure if it is related, but take me for example. A few months ago I was traveling to Asia and while my mobile data plan allows me to connect to the game to allow me to do maps, it always seems to time out during wars (heroes used, war flag used, 0 points scored). It is only when I am sitting in a location with reliable Wi-Fi that I am able to do Wars.

Also, as always, try to update to the latest version of the game to see if that helps.

I am not sure if this helps answer your questions, but if the problem persists and you have confirmed it is not the network you are playing the game with or the version of the game you are playing, you might want to fill out a support ticket in-game.

Below is a link that shows the instructions on how to contact support in-game.

Good luck to you and your alliance mates and hope to get the issues resolved as soon as possible.

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Thanks alot, really appreciate it. Now it makes sense.

Mr JC Naidoo
Technical Support

Titan rewards. Not getting all rewards after Titan is defeated. Only got two of what rewarded.

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