Titan's and the changes made

Titan’s !!!, having been involved in this game for 4 years now i think it would be a good idea that when the various updates and character tweeks are made, it would be fair to all players if you actually informed them that you “tweek” the Titans as well , its obvious !

What do you mean?

20 something

Titans are the same they’ve always been, no changes at all

I haven’t noticed a difference in titan strength… I’m about 2 4* ascension mats behind pace… But that very well could be rectified tomorrow with a great reward.

Really ! , not noticed the miss rates from Wu kong, not noticed the increased movement of the week spot, the power to take out a fully leveled and limit broken 5 star , the fact the tiles required to get a decent score are missing, my suggestion to SG is to put an Auto button on every part of the game, that way the Pre determined meta can do its own thing without wasting my time, after all, there is Absolutely NO skill in this game what so ever …

I don’t use wu. I use banners and time stupid and a tornado… And my afford are still about the same as where they were last year. So… No… Haven’t noticed.

Ahhh I get it!

It’s actually a rant about the boards not being random. Gotcha.

Because Titans haven’t changed in the slightest

I’m still playing with 3* and 4* heroes against 14* titans.
Haven’t seen any difference. Sometimes it’s really bad sometimes it’s really good, most of the time neither nor.

Actually they have, they introduced new one’s about 2 or 3 years ago , can’t remember exactly, anyway , my point was about the way thr game has been tweeked to ensure that as a higher level player you need to use loads of resources to obtain a decent titan score, just like the current alliance quest

Not really… Miki franz Alexandrine gregorian and the defense down and elemental def down heroes… There are so many heroes that make titans a paper Tiger. Get some… Use them… Scores go way up. We have people I’m my team who can easily get 400000 with minimal item usage… I can depending on the color…

NO, its not a rant about bad boards, after 4 years i’m used to bad boards !!! sort of lol, its the fact the game is constantly sapping resources due to the developers looking for any way possible to try and drag a couple of bucks/ pound out of your pocket.

Ok if you have a bottemless pit of cash

I throw in 10 or $20 when i pull a event 5* (which isn’t often and always after the fact)… So… Not a ton of cash… Just use my roster wisely.

Odd that no one I know thinks this. We kill 14* with 8 hours to go every single time…often that means holding back for 4 hours to let others hit them as well.

We all have a favoured colour (Red for me) and least favourite (purple for me) but they all die the same. I’ve done 100k+ hits with nothing more than a bear banner…

Ditto with my team. People have to literally hold back… It would suck if your roster isn’t fully developed… I went years where a 20,000 hit was solid and i was happy with it.

Last month i got a 9000 hit and it was crazy… But normally 40k to 80k is normal.

Well prehaps i just peed them off , i use all sorts of defence down, attack up , bla bla and generally it turns out pants …, and then while i want to give up, i can’t as i’m running an alliance, so have to try and do my best to be positive…

Take two weeks off… Just like a vacation it might recharge you.

P.S …we are talking 10 / 11 star titans here , full alliance 30/30

As leader of alliance i don’t think thats going to work, nice thought tho …

Anyway…thanks for the input , will give it all some thought, thankyou again and good luck :slight_smile: