Titans and Boards

Hey there, I have a question for all advanced players facing 11* and 12* Titans on regular basis: Given the fact that you probably all have pretty good heroes at this point, I would like know the following…

How many times does a bad board ruin your game?

What are doing in case of a very bad board in the first 30s (or longer) regarding the use of items?

Whats your average damage?

What was your highest damage (= biggest lucky streak) against a Titan without flasks and level up? Taking about a maximum of 8 Attacks.

Let the discussion begin! :grin:

Perhaps you can start the discussion with your own experience?

Well yes it was my intention, so I’ll start right away!

  1. Against 11*/12* Titans a bad board can really ruin your score. For me it’s about 50/50 on average when I struggle heavily to even achieve 10k damage… In comparison, I do about >50k damage with an average or good board otherwise! I had some very bad luck streaks in the past where I didn’t even reach 80k total damage including a level up…

  2. Item usage: I follow anchors rule of minimalism and only use 1* and 2* items such as small mana portions and banners. Sometimes against rare Titans I drop in some 4* items but I mainly keep the for the challenge events. Because of my minimalistic item use, I can’t really turn a bad board around so I often except my fate and fight till the clock stops or till death.

  3. I manage to deal 150-300k damage on average.

  4. The highest total damage ever for me was against a purple Titan. Wu and Jackal were on fire and I got yellow after yellow. In the end I achieved 500k with 8 attacks! :slight_smile:

The boards RGN has got ridiculously bad since the telluria/vela nerf update

There are newer “terrible boards” vent threads. No need to dig an old one up from a year ago.