Titans and Alliances


In my Alliance we are a pretty mixed lot of people. Some have good teams and know how to handle high star titans and others struggle alot. I was thinking if it was possible to have several Titans out on the same time. For instance having it weekly based. With one of each star titan on the map that you have a week for. That will give something for everyone and it will be somewhat easier to manage Alliance Energy


That’s interesting but I don’t think it works well for the edge cases, and maybe not at all actually.

There’s absolutely no reason I’d ever want to have a staircase than the current implementation where we’re killing 7 high level titans a week. I’m pretty certain this holds true in other alliances too that I’ve been in at all levels of the game too, ultimately this would just reduce the loot for everyone and the enjoyment of the dedicated players of the game.

I understand fighting titans above one’s paygrade isn’t a lot of fun (well for those of us that don’t like mooching, different issue); however, ultimately there is are fixes for this: people can just find another alliance, and that works pretty well in this game honestly… or if you want to race to the bottom can just strategically let some titans escape.


The only reason that I like the idea is that the loot does not seem to change no matter how powerful the titan is. So it would be nice to have a few guaranteed wins which would help make the Titan Wanted missions fill up faster when you are used to losing to one every three days or so.

The problem with this idea, though, is that it is based around allowing giving weaker members a chance to fight, feeling they are doing a lot more good for the team when dealing their 5000 attack, but… you cannot keep higher level members from attacking, and if you drop down to a 3*, many alliances will have the more powerful members attack first, and the beast will be gone before the weaker players even come online to do their part.

I am sure it is discouraging when someone new to the game joins, the rest of us are hitting with 13,000-25,000 per fight and they get off a meager 500, but every attack matters.


10* >> 5* >> 1* from a loot perspective.

Titan level does make a difference :).


… when we eventually run across a 10*, I will let you know whether or not I agree! :rofl: (We’re still at the 6* stage.)


I personally noticed the loot change drastically around titan 8*. When I joined 7D Reborn, I’d moved from being A+ hitter on 5s to middle of the pack on 8s (and then 9s). generally the 8 and up is where we started seeing 4-6 ascension items collectively as an alliance.


Until you realize that with the implementation of a new system, the titan chest would most likely require more titan kills to fill up.