Titans 13* & 14* - New design/art

So sneaky… Waiting months for those new titans and when they are released… ■■■!?!
Same design. Same mechanics.

You have to be better than that SG if you want to keep player base.


Okay although we enjoy killing Titans, getting the same Titans over and over is really getting very boring.

We are facing yet another yellow Hydra, 3rd in 5 Titans back to back. Cmon please!

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Perhaps you could suggest what you might want to see?

BLUE - Troll
Special - Stun

RED - Bull (because I like puns) :grin:
Special - Stampede (direct damage)

GREEN - Toxic Slime
Special - Poison

YELLOW - Giant Crab (okay maybe it’s
stupid) :grin:
Special - Blinding crush

Special - Stun

Come up with your own new monsters for 13/14*! Perhaps they ought to be on the same level of creativity as the rares for 12*, i don’t know. But any suggestion is helpful. :wink: :+1:


To be honest for now while they are developed to have their own special skills, just new artwork to the current available Titans and specials would be better.

Then devs can decide what specials theywant them to have and put it in beta for testing.

From level 10 we see the same Titans over and over, even come up with new rares above level 12 as well.

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