Titanium shield

I have a video titanium shield was active but the titan killed my hero

Video please?

20 curious cats


Video would be helpful…please check if you got 3 heroes on field only (as titan shield does only work on one hero and the ones at both sides) and/or you used titan shield on tank (middle position)…Otherwise heroes can be killed.


When I first started using the shield, I failed to put it on my center hero, thus only two were protected and the third could be killed off.

Likewise, if I wasn’t counting carefully, the shield time could elapse and I would be vulnerable to incoming titan fire.

Your video would help disprove either of these occurrences.


The shield activated on the side hero… But this is interesting

i’ld like to know i got silenced by whom…



What does it matter? Cant use shields in raids

I’m tryin to figure out wth we’re talkin about here

Miki’s silence or titanium shields? Titans or raids?

He said shield. (I plead lack of coffee.) :grin:

withdraws post

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