Titanium shield & titan

Haven’t seen this combination…

What’s the best time to put it in and do you get the complete hp the titan is sending to you?

Can you get to use the same shield twice in a row?

I swear I used two of them and they did absolutely nothing. The titan hit right through them and nothing was reflected back. They work weird, too. The first one I used put reflect on all 5 of my team. The second one only on two on the right side. It made no sense. I put in a support ticket but I guess I got a rep on their first day or a bot who could only copy and paste their typical response of “please consult the community”.

Did the titanium shield do anything for you?

I’ve also used titanium shield once against a titan, yeah it did nothing. I’d say that it’s much much more useful for class trials and events. Managed to complete Trial Of Shadows today just by using a couple of shields even though i had mediocre heroes.

It only reflects the special skill as far as I know. So the titan will hit indivisuals but when the mana bar is loaded if you have one up it should reflect the damage back to the titan. If not then this would look like a bug. I have Mitsuko and she has a similar effect where she allows all allies to reflect blue skills and damages back to enemy. The blue tiles still damage but the blue skills like Isarnia, Magni, KA, Frida, etc. will get sent back and usually destroy the sender(very nice to have…LOL).
Ursena has a similar effect with yellow.
I was interested in the shields for use against Ursena on Hard but I beat her a few days ago so I will just craft them in my lodge once it gets to level 3.
Honestly I am surprised that people buy the deals in the shop since you can make everything there but I guess they sell them or they wouldn’t keep selling them.

The Titanium shield reflects all damage plus any specials from the titan, it’s pretty cool actually. Only protects 3 of your heroes - To use it you have to select the item, then pick the hero you want to apply it to. I recommend your center and two flanks, and to do it right before the titan is going to fire his special. Once you fire it, avoid the weak spot, and hope the titan fires at your protected heroes, and damages himself. Works as advertised for me.


Made a video how it should be used. But I failed big… 9* titan holly gives blindness and it reflect to him self and made him fail the next ones. Use 1* heros with lowest troops, to receive more damage. I miss count the turns and he shoot the middle one, and it’s over to me. In the 14k with 2* purple heroes not ascended and low troops. Is very very good. Next time I Wil go with 1* purple heroes.


Here you go…


Lowering the titan’s defense does not increase the damage reflected correct?

Thought it was mentioned before that it doesnt but i can’t find the convo and someone else asked me and i don’t use the shields so i wouldn’t know with certainty

Correct. The lower the defense that your heroes have the more is the damage that is reflected. That is why one should use an unleveled 1 star hero with the lowest defense stat (Fletcher) and 1 star troops with the lowest defense stat.


After gianthammer casts his special the reflection from same hero increases from one vid I saw…
But that doesn’t make very sense…
Maybe it was just the rng variable…
I just used shields once… But gianthammer is the best titan to check this out

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Yes I’m aware about having low as possible defense for your heroes

Just wasn’t sure how the damage formula is worked out for the titan recieving damage. I figure it reflects back exactly what’s dealt but has to be odd that a titan’s defense has no play in how the damage is recieved

I’m probly overthinkin it though, 1st cup of coffee. Devs probly kept it simple and just reflected exact numbers back to attacker regardless of attacker’s defense

It’s not odd at all, because the reflect thing always work like that. Think riposte heroes. When you attack they reflect back a certain percentage of the damage that is inflicted and has no bearing on the defense stat of the attacking hero. Same goes for the titan.

Here is a simple example that I recorded for you. The Alpha Gyphon has a special which increase his own defense for a few turns. So if the defense theory is true we would expect the reflect damage to reduce after he casts his special. But the video proves otherwise, which confirms the theory that the damage is reflected back totally and bypasses any defense boost or debuff, just like we have with riposte heroes.:slight_smile:


Still odd but whatever works. Like i said was askin for a friend, thanks.

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Due to some misunderstanding at the top of the thread, I just wanted to highlight how effective titanium shields are against titans. It’s an easy way to score a big hit when you need it, I set a new PR today:

This score was made on a 14* rare purple harpy. The hit before that (also with shields) was almost 70k.

Even crazier thought, 3 titan flags using shields will get you a guaranteed B grade. So if everybody uses this trick at the start of a rare titan, it would be toast in 10 minutes. There’s a cost to it for making them but it’s neat to think about :thinking:


I’m not sure about how it compares, but I been using a unleveled muggy and kailani on the wings. Start of March fire off kailani and muggy. First Titan hit kills your team and revives as chameleons with lower defense.

Then pop the titanium shields.

You lose a couple hits plus mana pots. But I was scoring IIRC 50-70k on 11* rare titan. (Variance due to random cascades stunning the Titan)

Again. Dunno how that compares :))

Edit: sorry wrote this in a hurry earlier. My alliance mate Chizuk taught me this strategy. And I think he learned it from 7DD. So, thanks to the originator :slight_smile:


That is indeed a better strategy. In fact, I use the same thing now. And it is definitely better because when the unleveled heroes are reborn, they come back with even lesser defense. :slight_smile:


Are you using 5 heroes, and popping 2 shields at a time for this? Or just one shield to cover the middle three?

The way I learned it is to take 5 heroes and pop just one shield covering the middle 3

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