Titanhits dissapear, flags restored

When I woke up this morning, I started to spend my flags, getting the timer to start again.
I woke up to two titan-flags. Spent those, spent a few other flags. Put my phone down to do some rl-things.

When I log on again, I notice I have my titanflags restored and the attacks are gone.
This happend yesterday morning or maybe a couple of days ago as well.

Only applies to titan.

(Time 6.30-8am timezone gmt +1)
Sorry, no screenshots :stuck_out_tongue:

My first question would be, have you updated your game version?

(Picture removed)

It’d pay to remove the picture. It’s showing account data, which is not supposed to get posted publicly, as a precaution to protect your game account.
My advice is twofold. First be glad that you got the titan energy back, because most people who post are complaining that they lost the hit and the energy as well, whether it be raids, titans, or war. Second, contact customer support directly, so they can look into the problem for you and hopefully fix it.

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Thanx for the advice, Paulon.

I wasnt here to complain. Just to report a bug :wink: and if it happends to more ppl, it might look like you’re not hitting the titan. Doing your bit for your alliance.

I tried to look for places to report a bug in-game, but couldn’t find it.
I’ll try to report it there now.

Edit: you get directed here anyway.

There’s a link at the bottom of the page I linked to contact customer support directly.

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