Titan8tors - Active - 8-9* Titans - 11 spots free

Hi everyone!

We are an international alliance, looking for some players to reach new goals!

We are active : no war flags left, Titan participation is also a must
We are international : Europe (France/ GB / Serbia …), US
We are humans : Life first, but just inform the alliance is you face hard time :wink:

We currently hit 8*/9* titans.
Our war strategy is quite usual : Hit as soon as possible the 10 weakers ennemy, and a reset time after 2 respawns.
What is less usual, is our tank strategy : We want everyone to have fun, so we rotate the tank color every 4 wars! And it works !

We are 19 active players, so we have 11 places to welcome you and all your friends
We can also welcome a whole active part of a “dying” alliance!

I hope to see you soon with us!



We also have some players from Turkey as well. It is overall a great alliance. We are all experienced players. Anh is a great contribution to the alliance leadership. I hope to see some of you in the game. Take care.

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Looking forward to seeing some new members. :ok_hand::+1:

There is still some room and a lot of fun with us.
Come and join :wink:

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