Titan, your last move – possible issue with inability to make tile moves after Special Skills toward the end of Titan time; inconsistent behavior

Ok, tell me if I’m crazy, but I’ve noticed that we no longer have the option of activating a super and on the last second of play, create a tile move as well. In the past, I would cast and move and watch as the super activated and then tiles did whatever they were going to do. I have attempted this ending combo several times and not once have I had that ending combo move work. I understand that I might miss that last second on a few attempt for being to slow, but I’ve tested with 20+ attempts.

We have repeatedly asked for no animations or whatever and seems they decided were unfairly getting in an extra move?

Just for clarification, while the timer is going, there no issue selecting a super and using tiles at the same time. It’s just the last attack. It’s like now the game knows the super in last 2-3seconds is used for a super…

Yes. Also, sometime ago, you could move tiles all the time - except during titan’s special. Now you cannot move a tile when titan has a second delay in normal hits

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I’ve noticed it starts with about 8 seconds for me if I’m firing a special. It’s getting really old!

No vid but a couple of days ago, I filled up all my heroes and made a diamond at the 7 second mark. Titan was stunned but I was only allowed one special!

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It’s certainly possible that something has changed, or even that there’s a bug.

To start figuring out possible causes, do you all find that it happens with every hero, or is it possible that there are particular heroes whose animations block making a tile move?

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Seems to be every hero with animation. In my example above, it was Miki that stopped it. I’ve had Isarnia and King Arthur do it as well. I’ll watch for others


That’s an excellent question @zephyr1

I honestly didn’t pay attention to which heroes it was. I use ravnir, hel, hansel and turlock the most and usually switch out the 5th for a 2/3 stack. During testing I’ve been running rainbow and used trident for my blue. But def thinknit doesnt mater who I activated.


That’s helpful, thanks, @Leonidas1 and @NDarkNS — I appreciate you keeping an eye out for whether it works differently with different heroes, but it sounds like that might not be relevant based on your recollections so far.

I’m also wondering if it’s happening on all Titans, or if it might have something to do with star level. (Probably not, just seeing if there are any cases where it seems to be different.)

I’m facing 10*s right now. I’ll try to test it out on the next Titan


Happened for me with 6* Titan with Grimm.


Thanks @MrThala and @Leonidas1.

I’m going to change this thread to a Bug report, while we collect more information, and see if we can seek out feedback from the Small Giant Staff next week.


They recently did some changes to avoid problems with multiple skills fired at once. Maybe the problem lies in that area.

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Multiple skill firing? U mean like running your finger over all the piano keys? Lol… I admit, I hit every skill available and then move tiles asap. I dont watch my skills at all especially when trying to stun the titan. They either hit or miss. I just fought the titan, 6*, and didnt have anything to activate and the last few seconds were taken up with titan super anyway.

Update on my end…Zeline and Lianna do NOT freeze the final attack. I was able to fire both and make a tile move in the last 4 seconds.

The more I watch this, the less sense it makes

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That’s really interesting — I wonder if it was actually them in particular, or if it’s more inconsistent than that even, and you’d run into the freeze with them sometimes.

Thanks for keeping an eye out, maybe we can figure out some commonalities to when it does and doesn’t happen.

More strange things to report @zephyr1. Miki’s Special did not allow me to make a move in the last 5 seconds earlier today. In my last attack, I was able to fire Miki and Seshat with 3 seconds left. This was all on the same Titan. I’m starting to think the issue isn’t a special freezing the timer but a problem with the timer itself.

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Sounds like that could be the case, especially with the inconsistency.

@NDarkNS @Leonidas1 @MrThala @Branwen

I brought this to the attention of the Small Giant Staff, and they said you should submit a ticket through the game on your account, so they can investigate this.


Thanks @zephyr1 I shall test this again on a new Titian and will open a ticket once reproduced.

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Same. Thanks. I dont have alot of new heroes so I will be attempting with the older ones.

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