Titan weak point not working

This issue started yesterday 6/22, I’ve noticed that when I hit the weak point on the titan with 3 hits, it’s not stunned.
The problem is that it seems to be random when it occurs. I cant isolate if it’s a particular color or a certain time.

Three possible causes to rule out first:

  • Are you using Wu Kong or Ranvir?

  • Was the Titan holy?

  • Was it a Rare Titan?


Yesterdays was a rare but I was allowing for the color reflect.
I use Wu Kong, but i also took into consideration the heroes miss during attack.
Had a brilliant cascade happen and titan remained unaffected.

Presuming Wu Kong wasn’t active, and the tiles matched weren’t the same color as the Titan (since those won’t stun a Rare Titan), then yes, that sounds like an odd issue happening.

If you can, I’d suggest videoing your Titan hits to see if you capture it happening again.

In the meantime, you could try contacting Support to see if they can perhaps investigate their logs to understand better what was happening — though I’m not sure they’ll go into that much without screenshots or video to demonstrate the issue.

If you do want to contact Support, the instructions are here: How to Contact Support (v1.9.7 onwards)


Unless system is not listing the misses so I can see them as they happen, that is the only factor I’ve missed.

Rare titans are not stunned by reflected color tiles when they hit the weak spot.

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Thanks zephyr1, I’m not savvy enough to know how to video record as I’m playing, but I will try to get a count as I play and see if I am just missing those counters when I hit the titan.

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I use an iPhone, so I use the built-in screen recording.

I’m told that some Android devices have pre-installed screen recording software, but I think many players download a third-party app. I’ve heard that DU Recorder is popular.

As for counting, that’s a useful strategy in general with Titans — I always count my tiles that are hitting the Weak Spot and watch for misses so I can plan according to whether I’ll stun or not.

Just make sure when you’re counting with Rare Titans in particular that you remember that the tiles that match the Rare Titan’s color won’t stun it, no matter how many of them you hit the Weak Spot with.


I good at counting them, it’s when they hit, catching the amount of damage or a miss that’s tricky. That’s what I have to watch. That may be where I’m losing my count and thinking it’s an issue. The rare we took down, our current one is just a standard dark.
I’ll keep you up on it, if it’s something I’ve missed, I will hang my head in shame and hide in my corner…:grin::grin:

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I just encountered a similar problem on a 6* rare greent titan. Of course 3 greens into his weak spot didnt stun him (as it should be) but also 3 of the weak color (blue) into his weak spot didnt stun him either

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If you use Wu Kong any of those 3 can be a miss.


Other colors stunned as normal. It was a rare green titan. Was using ranvir but it happened after ranvir died and he did not get his special to go off

Okay, so I wont hang my head in shame then. I’m not the only one that’s noticed it.

I thought maybe it was a new aspect to rare titan. Like maybe now their weak color cant stun them now. But your not crazy. Might be a bug or something. I just downloaded a screen recorder a couple days ago. I even flasked the titan. I wish i took video now. Smh

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Vários membros da minha aliança está reclamando mesmo problema e de lentidão

Translation by mod: Several members of my alliance are complaining about problem and slowness

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I think its not showing all the misses anymore. Particularly in big cascades. I’ve seen this too, but the damage total at the end was about right for several misses that didn’t show, or at least I didn’t see

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It’s funny you mention that. I’ve noticed the same issue recently, but it seems to be random. I just wrote if off at the time but maybe there is something to it?

I have also seen this issue. It is very random. But it has happened without wu and on non rare titans. Ill try and catch on video


I’ve noticed this as well. Looked random to me.

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This appears to be a thing. I’ve not noticed previous to the recent update. Maybe tied to the harpoons and Titan pieces? Hmmmmm

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