Titan weak point changing in the end of the player's turn

titan’s weak point should change position sooner: in the end of the player’s turn and not in the end of the titan’s turn. It would give a few seconds to the players to think.

Titans fights are about speed and the player often want to move the tiles as soon as possible. It leads to tiles aiming at the former weak point ( even if the player knows it changes every 3 turns ); then the titan is not stunned.

One could argue that patience, discipline and split second timing are one of the challenges of a titan battle, rather than just making it easier.


What I’d actually like is that the “weak point” icon to be more noticeable, so I can keep my eyes on the board and still get where’s the new weak point.

My highest scores didn’t come from fast playing, they happened if I was patient enough to use items and heroes well timed.

The weak point only matters if you lack items and if you try to hit it, there are often no strong matches.

It would be cool, if all fully charged heroes would fire after time out.