Titan Uprising...Similar Game...Some Potential Improvements

Just curious how many of you have played Titan Uprising which is a very similar match three with some notable improvements which would sure be welcome here!

1.Soft disconnects that wait for your phone to reconnect. Very handy when riding on a train, a passenger in a car, etc. Especially for war fights or high stamina battles. I’ve stopped doing any important battles unless I’m on WiFi and that limits playtime…

2.Titan battles based on a set number of tile moves instead of a timer where slower animations or slower devices impact the damage output drastically. Maybe we could incorporate some of each here?

3.A few new gem types for special matches that add some variety. Match 5 sometimes makes a diamond equivalent but not always. Sometimes it creates a tile that removes a vertical or horizontal row.

Thoughts? I have played this for about 18 months and love the game. I do want it to improve where it can. Thanks for reading and if I missed other improvements let me know.

Forgot to add:
4. Auto-play has a second function to where you can auto-play with or without using your special abilities. This is nice to saving your specials to use only when you need them.

Actually, 2. sounds great, but it will take some time for rebalance from devs. Sadly, it will not happen for us
I don’t like time-based activities in this game.

Just had this game advertised to me today. Checking it out, it is almost a carbon copy of E&P. Even the menu layouts and Base/Stronghold area seem noticeably similar. Devious…

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