Titan Two Star Increase

My alliance bearly scraped by defeating a 10* titan (kraken) and the where surprised to find us going against a 12* for our next titan. With PoV this is going to hurt us since we will likely have to pass on the upcoming 11*. We have a couple hours left on the 12* so time will tell what the next titan is for sure.

Unfortunately not a bug.

Everything is Chance Based in this game… Same goes for Titan Appearances.

The Titan that appears is linked to your alliance Titan Score. At a given Titan Score there is a CHANCE that {x} star titan will appear… and also an {x} chance that a different star titan will appear.

At a higher Titan Score, the chance is higher for a higher star’d titan… and vice-versa with a lower alliance Titan Score.

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I also have experience jumping from 10* to 12* and when that happened I check the Titan Score (part of Alliance Score) and it was high.

FYI to complete PoV you don’t need to defeat every titan, just 2 out of every 3 I believe. Guvnor has done the math…


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