Titan ' Top Attackers ' list polluted - Repeatedly


Thought I’d report a bug with Titan ’ Top Attackers ’ list.

I’m using Android version of the game. I’m not sure if its specific to Android version of the game. While I do have the latest version of the Empires & Puzzles game ( v1.9.5 - Jan. 9th, 2018), It’s not specific to this latest, but several versions I’ve been seeing this issue for.

The ’ Top Attackers ’ list gets polluted. Yesterday’s Titan battle, someone left after making into the that list. At some point this ex-member name in the list disappears, then I’m seeing double names entries for another player.

Today, with today’s Titan battle, the ’ Top Attackers ’ list gets polluted yet again. This time It’s my name getting duplicated after someone else got in #1 place. This happens, this lists no longer with accurate updated information. As you’ll see with my attached screenshots. Restarting the game refreshes BUT… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Cached content; exit and restart the game sorts it in my experience.

Similar bugs have been reported and not yet addressed, though this is pretty minor as it’s just a display issue.

Like I’ve initially posted, “Restarting the game refreshes BUT…” This is only a workaround, It’ll re-appear, if not this Titan, likely on the next one.

Minor to one, issue to another. Yes it’s a visual issue, however this interferes with my Titan strategies. Bug should be squashed regardless, and It’s something that could easily be addressed programmatically.