Titan top attacker not showned

Top attackers shows one member twice and not the actual top attacker.

How do I start a topic? I’m sorry I don’t know how

To me new topic option is in the right corner of the page.

Keep on reading the forums until you get notification of a Basic badge bejng awarded. Then you’ll get posting priviledges.


I think it is because Eddard rejoined the alliance and then directly attacked the titan. It is a bug that has not been fixed yet, although I did enjoy holding the top 2 spots for a while. I was trying a new titan team and it seems to have worked out well. I am waiting to see what damage my 4th and 5th swing yield.

Follow up addendum: The 4th and 5th swings were in line with the first 3. I think it’s a solid team against holy titans.

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