Titan timing

2 things:

  1. Can we stop this stalling where titan takes ages to fire its special? I don’t know about you, but the damn thing goes off 3 times during an attack. That’s about 25% of the time. Not to mention how often it goes off at the last few seconds when my board is ready and my specials are charged. Just deal the damage and get on with it.

  2. Can you change the weak spot before the titan hits? While the titan is hitting, I am assessing the board trying to decide where to hit next. Then, out of nowhere, right before I move the tiles, the weak spot jumps. Give me a break.

I get it, it’s part of the design. But I’d rather you give me 45 secs than give me a minute and waste 15 seconds of it. At least then, I’d know what I’m working with.

Point 1 - take characters who block the special if you don’t like it. Hansel ect. People underestimate how much these characters help. Or use time stops.

Part 2 - I fully agree. It’s annoying.

I don’t have Hansel or Proteus. My problem is not with the special itself, it’s with the animation and how long it is. When my guys fire specials, I can move the tiles. But I have to wait until this tart is done sending creepy vines, then wait for them to wrap around my players, then wait for them to explode. I don’t mind those in regular modes because you’re not pressed on time, but titan mode gives you certain amount of time, so it feels very unprofessional when a time-restricted mode has a time-wasting animation.

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  1. Here is a thread on animations. Ironically, it’s for hero animation and links a related topic which is titan animation. However, the related topic got merged with this one. (We should probably rename the thread so it addresses all animation.)

Yeah, it seems that these are two different subjects lumped into one. At least we can still move tiles and fire specials while a hero’s animation is playing. With Titan’s animation, we just have to wait as it runs down the clock.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen the weak spot suggestion before. At least I can’t find it. That would be nice if it could get done.

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Fingers crossed, but not holding my breath.

  1. I use Time stops.

  2. I accept certain things so haven’t thought that this could be changed. Hmm…!

I’d love to have the animations gone during titan hits, but I doubt it will ever be implemented.