Titan timer

Everytime that i want to move a piece when on screen there’s 1 second left (so it show me that giant number 1) it seems that the time is already expire and can’t move anything.
Naturally this piss me the most when i can approach a great combo in that second.

Is it only my impression, or someone else has the same problem?

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Is the Titan firing his special? Are you already dead? These are what I experience when I cannot fire. :confused:

Some of the Titan special animations can be infuriatingly slow to complete, and that’s when I see this sort of thing happen.

No, not died and not only with special.

Even right before a normal attack or a combo.
It’s like at 1 second the timer didn’t stop but you can’t move (so you miss 1 sec.)

If your game is glitching, I try three things:

  1. turn game off/on again
  2. turn phone off/on again
  3. report glitch

In that order. One of them will work. :wink:

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Will you consider expanding the time limit for the attack on Titans?

I have a similar problema actually but not in combat. When I see the time left for the titan is 14 hr for example while actually it disappears in 2 mins. And I realise I have thrown my attacks away. Furthermore One of my allies has always been attacking the titian but we have no record of the last two times. However you should Fix many titan issues actually because they have worsen After the War release. Ty

The timer is programmed to stop any moves from 00:01:99 it seems to me. They need to learn a little bit about countdowns in E&P.

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Happens to me too. It seems the last second doesnt exist.
Number One is the new zero

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