Titan timer notification 1 hour before end time

Hi. I was thinking if a timer titan notification can be added. Maybe some notification like “1 hour left, titan at X%”. I think it will be a great help to kill titans.

Thanks in advance and sorry for my english


That is a great idea!!! I’m always trying to get more axes and arrows as fast as I can. At times I’m to late to help my team. Darn titans escape. Take care of yourself and god bless you.

Now that is not a bad idea.

Et si le combat ce fini alors qu’il reste des bonus (gemmes,…) qu’ils utilisent cela serait utile

This feature would come in very handy, it mean not logging on 3 or 4 times for nothing especially when your waiting on another flag but come on too early eagerly waiting to hit the titan.

Perhaps an option notification, activated with a check box under options.

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