Titan time out

It has been annoying when Titan time ran out, and watching dragons and crystals on boards, or skills of heroes being left and wasted.

Why can’t E&P set it to activate/fire all of these after it time out just like Candy Crush does?

What exactly are you asking for?

Do you want a new titan to spawn as soon as the old one dies?

I think he/she means they want the specials to fire after time ran out. And I guess diamonds on the board too…,
I have to admit I have wanted that too after a nice cascade and then it keeps going to 1 second after time runs out, so all those specials :crying_cat_face:

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Oh, now I get it haha! I could have sworne the text was different when I read it the first time. Might be lack of coffee haha!

Yeah, that would be a nifty feature indeed.

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Yes! Specials, at least.

After all, the Titan always gets a final cast in even if time runs out—which is great if it’s affected by Merlin’s Arcane Blast.

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Unless they were still stunned when time runs out.

I agree. Why does the titan get its last licks when time runs out but our specials remain unused. I think allowing it to be used after time runs out would be cool.