Titan Tier Loots Nerfed Again!

Today’s titan 9* was defeated. I placed high enough to normally get a “B” Rank.

Nope. SG says now it is C ! And no news about it ofc. How can you do that to your player base. Like seriously ? You are literraly sending this message : “Spend more and shut up”.

You had already nerfed the titan rank reward multiple times. Put it back like it was.

We need screenshot.
Or: how much health did the titan have and what was your damage.

You did less damage than usual so you got a lower rank. They haven’t changed anything. If you provide a screenshot that shows otherwise then you should send a bug report.


You need to deal damage equal to 3.300% of the titan’s HP to qualify for a B rating. Unlike A rating, which is always given to positions 2 through 5, B is determined by damage, not rank.