Titan testing ground



I would like to request a Titan testing area. The time between titans and Alliance banner refills is obviously pretty long, and it would be a great help and also a distraction if we had an area to fight against titans for no rewards, just to test out different teams. I realize SG isn’t likely to add anything that doesn’t generate revenue (understandably), so I would even suggest that we could pay gems for these fights. One gem per star for the titan for 3 rounds of testing. So for example if I pay 5 gems, I could fight against a 5 star titan for 3 rounds to see how my team would do. You could even keep a leaderboard just for bragging rights.

This would do a few things:
Help us to plan for future tougher titan fights
Allow us to test out weaker all 3 and all 4 star teams
Let us evaluate if our current Alliance is correct for us
Kill some time while those banners refill (keeping us playing longer)

Thanks for reading!


Apply for beta.

OR build an alt :slight_smile:

Not saying I wouldn’t mind more opportunities for practicing things but even in regular game play trying out a new hero on a titan isn’t a big deal when averaged out over 30 players and 4-5 hits each per titan.

Or try on planned escapes which I think a lot of alliances have still.