Titan Teams - Let's Discuss

Ive been playing about 2 months and have put together a decent roster for now. With my increased hero variety I’m looking to start specializing on a per color basis on titans rather than just rolling out my A-Team. Here’s what I’m currently doing/thinking:

A-Team: Hansel - Grimm - BT - Khiona (3-70) - Wu

I use BT/Wu on all titans plus the following:

Red: Kiril - Grimm - Khiona --> Will replace Khiona with Sonya when ready

Blue: Hansel - Caedmon - Grimm --> Grimm over Peters for the debuff

Green: Falcon - Hansel - Khiona --> My red options suck for titans. I need to level Colen for more tile damage or ideally pull Gormek.

Purple: Jackal - Melia - Grimm --> I crush purples, my best color due to Wu/Jackal/Melia craziness.

Yellow - Khiona - Rigard - Grimm --> Ideally replace Grimm with Tibby one day.

Bench (fully ascended): Rigard, Caedmon, Falcon, Jackal, Kiril, Peters, Melia

Bench (projects at various stages): Sonya, Khagan (2-60), Colen, Melendor, LJ, Sabina, Cyprian, Boril, every 3*.

I appreciate and would love to hear any advice you have for me. I have some targets in mind for better titan teams (Tibby/Gormek) and some gems ready to go for the next Atlantis/Event.

This is how I’d do it based on your heroes (would be easier with photos of your bench, but I’ll make do)

Red Titan: Kiril-Grimm-Khiona-Sonya-Wu

Blue Titan: Melendor-Grimm-Hansel-Caedmon/Little John-Wu

Green Titan: Boldtusk-Falcon-Grimm?/Gormek or Wilbur?-Colen/Khagan (whoever has highest attack stat, take both if you leave out Grimm since he’s weak)-Wu

Purple: Boldtusk-Jackal-Grimm-Melia-Wu

Yellow: Rigard-Grimm/Tibs-Khiona-Sabina maybe?-Wu

So personally, I’d always take whoever is strong vs that element with highest attack stats, always have Wu in, always bring a healer (preferrably if they’re strong vs that element or at least not weak against; use Kiril and BT as fillers), defense down always, element defense down when strong.

Every what :panda_face: said but just DON’T waste your AM on Khagan.
Not worth it.

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So who would you use or who would you level up first colon or Wilbur or gormek

Hmm leveling up your colon might make bathroom trips easier…

But I’d do Wilbur first. I recently just got him and plan on using him on all titan teams moving forward.

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