Titan Team Build Help

Below are two screenshots of the creme de la creme of my roster. Any tips on a good all around titan team?

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To maximize your damage you should:

  1. Increase your attack
  • Brienne
  • Boldtusk
  • :arrow_forward: Kiril
  • Wu Kong (His buff stack with the other ones)
  • Bear Banner
  • Dragon Banner
  1. Decrease titan’s defense
  • Grimm
  • :arrow_forward: Gormek
  • :arrow_forward: Tiburtus
  1. Select more of the strong color while leaving home the weak ones
  2. Makes your heroes survive
  • :arrow_forward: Melendor
  • :arrow_forward: Rigard

So Id suggest you to level: Tiburtus, Gretel, Kiril, Melendor, Gormek
You should even try to find Wu Kong (yellow 4 :star:), Grimm (blue 4 :star:), Boldtusk (red 4 :star:).

You have some good hero, even legendaries, but I suggest you to focus first on your rare & epic ones.


There’s no one single anti titan team.
You need 5 of them - for each colour one. You want to stack colours. Because: Titan Attack Fundamentals - (new player Titan guide)

Also, it’s good to take into the account what’s titan special, and to counteract that either with your hero’s special or with some item.

And also, titan attack is more important than his special hit. Because even if hero dies, tiles will still make a damage. Of course, you want hero that can survive longer.

For which hero is worth, you can consult my table:

and other sources that I’ve linked in the first post there


Is it worth it to take out a hero that has a debuff (or other ability that is typically considered good against your typical titan) and replace with a hero of the strong color for the damage bonus when the new hero does not have an ability that is considered strong against titans?

No, you really want a debuff hero on your titan team. Even against purple, I will bring Grimm instead of Musashi. If any of the roles is somewhat optional, it’s the healer and then the attack buff.